Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

Full Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps | How to Get Relief in Period Pain

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Ayurvedic guide For relief in mensurational cramps | how to get relief in period pain

About 75 to 80% of women feel pain during periods, 50% of women experience extreme pain. This period pain lasts for 2 days after the beginning. According to Ayurveda the main reason for that is womb muscles become stiff in the initial days. The contractions feel because the body tries to open womb muscles for menstruation and blood flow. The body reacts by loosening and opening them so that the pain is felt in that area for the first two days. You may feel more pain if you do not see much blood flow normally in these 2 days. Mostly blood flow starts from the second day, thus the pain automatically reduces. Ayurveda explains some remedies to reduce that pain by understanding the science of the reasons. If you do those, then you can reduce that pain very comfortably without any side effects.

Put Warm water bottle : Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

Took a steel or plastic bottle filled with warm water (that is bearable on the skin) and press it on your lower abdominals. It provides immense relief from pain as the heat helps to open up those muscles.

Massage the painful area with warm mustard oil: Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

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Took Lightly heated mustard oil and massage the lower abdominals in clockwise circular motions. This massage also helps in opening the muscles of the lower abdominals and removes stiffness, due to which the pain subsides.

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Light massage on the soles of the feet with mustard oil : Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

mustard oil

Massage lightly hot mustard oil on the soles of your feet or get someone else to do it. The soles of the feet have centers of glands, organs and nerves from all over the body. The soles of the feet get warm gradually from that massage, you can see its direct effect in the form of your reducing pain.

Dry ginger milk: Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

dry ginger milk

Try to take a glass of boiled milk with dry ginger at least once a day for the first 2 days. The shot reduces any kind of spasm, swelling and excess of vata dosha in the body, it greatly benefits your period pain.

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Ajwain hot water: Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

carom seeds and bloating

Carom seeds effect is hot and it reduces pain in the body, stiffness and swelling. If you add 15 to 20 seeds in a glass of boiled water and drink once a day, then your pain will go.

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Initial first-day rest: Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

Sleeping with Eye mask on

Try to relax on the first 2 days. Relax your body completely in lie-down posture, do not put any kind of strain on the body, and do not put pressure. As much as you can, keep the body free from any kind of tension and relax by lying down. The sooner you feel, the ending pain because the body will naturally do its work faster in relaxed position.

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Chocolate: Ayurvedic Guide For Relief in Mensurational Cramps

You can also eat some chocolate on the first day. Chocolate acts as a natural pain killer. It contains chemicals that reduce the pain and help open the glands.

Important Notes

Trying to do all the above-mentioned solutions at once will be too much.

If you do any two of the mentioned solutions, then your pain will reduce by 90%.

You can work on them by choosing any two options as per your convenience and availability.

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