Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

5 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss | Tips to Avoid Premature Greying

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5 tips to avoid hair loss | Tips to avoid premature greying

1. Avoid Hot Showers on the Head: Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

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Heat in general when applied to the head can burn the hair follicles causing greying and loss of hair.

Hot water on the head strips your scalp of moisture, natural oils, melts the epidermal lipids and disrupts pH balance. This not only compromises hair health but can also cause bacterial imbalance, itchy scalp & skin conditions on the head.

This is also why in Ayurvedic sweating therapies (svedana) you will always see the person sitting in a steam room or sauna with their head sticking out of the box, to “keep cool dude”. It prevents the bone marrow in your brain from melting and causing neurological issues.

2. Sniff Medicated Oil Up Your Nose (“Nasya”): Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

mustard oil

Sniffing medicated oil up your nose is a daily practice in Ayurveda that enhances blood flow to the brain and hair follicles + so many more benefits.

3. Head Oil Massage: Tips to Avoid Hair Loss


Massage on hair and hair roots is very important in Ayurveda. According to each season, however, different oils have been described as suitable. For example, coconut oil is considered best in summer and massage can be done with mustard oil or ghee in winter. Not only this, Ayurveda also has a tradition of infusing massage oil with many other types of medicinal herbs. As Amla, fenugreek seed, aloe vera, hibiscus flower etc come in this series. All of these provide different essential nutrition to the hair roots and prevent them from premature greying.

4. Get Sun Exposure on Your Head and Body (especially in winter): Tips to Avoid Hair Loss


In the days of winter, the problem of dandruff is seen more! and their shine also goes away. The reason for this is that due to the cold in winter, the natural hair protection oil dries up. If sunlight is given on the scalp, it comes back to its natural form. Ensure good vitamin D from the sun, and practice self-abhyanga to enhance skin physiology to absorb it better. The hair on your head is a waste product of your bone tissue. Healthy, well-nourished bone tissue = healthy, lustrous hair.

5. Address the Root Cause of the Hair Loss: Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

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Stress, hormonal, androgenetic alopecia, nutrient imbalance, feeling “hot-headed” with anger, frustration, irritability (pitta) that it burns the hair-follicles, bone, calcium & vitamin D imbalances, bone-marrow deficiency… it is always wise to get to the root of hair loss or premature greying/balding.

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