11 Benefits Of Edible Gum Laddoo

11 Benefits Of Edible Gum Laddoo| Why Traditional Gond Laddoo Is Super Good For Health

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Nature and Dosha of Edible Gum (acacia gum)

 The properties of edible gum obtained from each tree differ, these properties are based on the nature and properties of the tree itself. Just as the nature of the gum obtained from neem is cool, similarly the nature of gum obtained from acacia/kikar is warm in nature. The gum of acacia is most commonly used in the making of ‘Gond laddoo’. It is white and yellow, in size it looks like peas, but when it fry in ghee it increases to four times in size. It is almost tasteless, But rich in qualities.

Edible Gum Laddoo

Frying Edible Gum in ghee eliminates impurities and makes it digestive because raw gum is more solid and sticky. After fried it is tastier whereas raw it feels bitter. For the morning Lunch, it is a power enhancer, anti-cholesterol, and energy booster for the body. And when the gum is roasted in Ghee, the powers of the Ghee is also absorbed by edible Gum and the benefit is doubled. It is a superfood in itself, if this is given to a weak person or a postpartum Woman, Then the strength could return faster. In India it is a food tradition to give Edible Gum Laddoo for at least 2 months to a new mother.

gond laddoo

Benefits Of edible gum Laddoo

# Child Seeking Couple

Although edible gum or gond laddoo is beneficial for everyone, it works as nectar for specific people and special circumstances. Acacia gum increases the strength of the womb of women and the productivity of the ovaries. In men, it increases the power and productivity of sperm. It balances the chemicals that increase the power of the genital organs in the body

# In Stress, Anxiety and depression

 Indeed, edible gum has antioxidant properties, which help reduce stress. Many times stress and anxiety catch because of weakness. In that case the Ediable Gum Laddoo helps to get body to normal status and kills the reason of stress and anxiety.

# For New Mother’s body

gond for new mother

 After the birth of a child, the woman’s body becomes weak and she goes through a lot of blood loss, as a result- weakness and stress. The uterus becomes suddenly empty after the delivery, the venerable stomach has to take 40 days to take its first place again. Due to this the normal food is not perfectly fitted for the new mother. For Giving strength, energy and repairing blood loss the Edible Gum Ghee laddoo is given to her. It is same time not too heavy to digest. The laddoo strengthen her weakened bones after the delivery.

# For Good Quality Breast milk

This also increases the production of milk, due to which the child gets sufficient quantity of milk.  Not only this, milk made after eating ghee and Edible gum Laddoo has all the properties of ghee and gum. It is provides all the goodness to the child through breast milk, so that the child also has immunity and become stronger.

# Broken bones

Edible gum is also known as bone strengthen gum.  This means by eating it, the amount of calcium and vitamin D in the body increases. as well as the sticky chemical found in ediable gum it strengthens the bones.

# Energy

 The nature of Ghee and edible gum is warm and it provides energy and strength to the body. Especially it is used in winter when the person is full of laziness.  But this is not necessary at all.  If a person is of cold effect body Dosha then even in summer he/she could feel lack of energy and this ayurvedic combination will work the same.

# Cold, cough, and allergic diseases

This combination protects the body from various types of diseases like colds, flu and allergic diseases associated with the skin.  It acts to strengthen the immunity of each part of the body.  Ayurveda says that immunity is strengthened only when it is provided with the right kind of ‘fire’.

# To keep the weight balanced (for loss)

 Edible gum helps maintain a healthy weight.  It is also helpful in reducing excess fat.  According to one study, women who consumed Acacia gum for six weeks reported a decrease in their body mass index (body fat).  Acacia gum is believed to be rich in dietary fiber, due to which it helps in weight loss

# Prevention of heart disease and purification of blood

Both gum and ghee prevent excess fat and cholesterol from rising in the body. AS we all know the cholesterol , toxins in blood, gas and bad digestion are the main causd for heart disease. But ghee and ediable gum laddoo prevent the body from all of these bad health situations.

# Controlling diabetes

 According to the study, a decrease in glucose levels has been observed with the use of acacia gum.  In addition, it reduces harmful cholesterol LDL and helps to increase good cholesterol HDL.

# Build immunity against deadly diseases like cancer

 Acacia gum can also help in avoiding a fatal disease like cancer.  It has anticarcinogenic effects.  This effect helps eliminate cancer cells. So eat this incredible ayurvedic combination and get benefits from this to stay healthy and fit.

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