Benefits Of Dry Ginger Milk

Benefits Of Dry Ginger Milk |  Ayurvedic combination Of Milk And Dry Ginger Powder

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What is dry ginger powder?

dry ginger powder

Let,s talk first about dry ginger powder before going into the Benefits Of Dry Ginger Milk .Making powder of Dryed ginger is called dry ginger powder.  It is used as one of the main spices in India. This spice is used in both sweet and salty recipes.  In Ayurveda, ginger powder is considered extremely warm for the body.  Under the dosha theory, it has been said that it kills the Vata and Kapha Dosha, but increase the Pitta Dosha.  This means , when it takes in excess of the quantity, it could make you feel aggravates and produces discomfort.

Nature and Dosha of Milk


Because of the Benefits Of Dry Ginger Milk ,this drink in Ayurveda is a very powerful drink. Before going further it will be good if we understand both Prakriti separately. That will help us to deeply understand the real benefits. milk has been termed as an energy-enhancing “Rasayana” (chemical). It is a miraculous juice that if taken cold, it is of a cold nature, if taken warm, it is of warm energy. Usually, it increases Kapha while on the other hand it works to balance Vata and Pitta Dosha in the body. Generally, milk is heavy to digest and produces gas. But still, it is very beneficial for the body because it is a very important source of calcium, protein, and other minerals.

Benefits of combining together

Dry Ginger Milk is prepared after boiling ginger powder in milk for a while.  When the milk is boiled, it makes the milk more warm in Nature.  This mixture would be extremely useful for winter!  If you are not able to get turmeric milk in any way, then this is a good option.  Almost it’s benefits and properties are similar to turmeric milk. The benefits are as follows.

dry ginger milk

# Dry ginger powder, helpful in digesting milk

You are surprised to know that it takes 8 to 9 hours for the milk to be digested. Milk in separate is heavy to digest and become gastric.  But Dry ginger Milk is more digestive and increase the quality of Milk.

# For stomach problems

It gives relief from constipation problem. Dry ginger milk also get relieves from stomach pain due to gas. This improves the digestive system from increasing digestive ‘Fire’.

# For joint pain

Dry Ginger Powder Milk eliminates vata in the body and due to this, it controls pain in any part of the body.  It is very beneficial for joint pain because most of the pain in the joints is due to excess of vata in the body.

# Throat pain and fever

 Do you have fever with throat pain?  So this would be best remedy for your problem because Ginger powder has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps relieve runny nose, throat pain and fever.

# Body detox

Dry Ginger Powder Milk removes toxins from the body and enhances good nutrition.

# Body cold

 If it is winter and your body has been caught by the cold. Due to the cold, there is also pain in the stomach.  So you should drink hot dry ginger powder milk.  It removes the coolness of the body and provide the warmness.

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