7 Benefits Of Mustard Oil Body Massage| Why To Use Mustard Oil For Healthy Skin

7 Benefits Of Mustard Oil Body Massage| Why To Use Mustard Oil For Healthy Skin

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Mustard oil body massage has played an important role in grandmother’s practice knowledge. According to Ayurveda, mustard oil is also called painkiller oil. According to the Vedas, mustard oil acts like a medicine! Mustard oil has a very special importance in Ayurveda and in Indian tradition.  Often it is also known as bitter oil because its taste is slightly bitter and pungent.  According to Ayurveda, its effect is Warm and it destroys the Vata and Kapha Dosha of the body. As importance it has as an edible oil, the same importance it also as massaging oil for the body.

mustard oil massage benefits

 Maintain body heat

 Our body has its own temperature.  If it decreases or increases, the body faces the danger of becoming unhealthy.  Mustard oil body massage maintains the body temperature.  Mustard oil massage has special significance when the body temperature is less than normal.  That is why massage of this oil is done more in winters.

 Muscle strength

 Mustard oil body massage makes the blood circulation in the body and it does a kind of natural exercise of the muscles.  This whole procedure make muscle stronger.  And if you have pain somewhere in the body, then the warmth and properties of mustard oil massage also eliminate the pain in that place.

oil body massage

 Skin problems

 Hydrates and softens the skin

   Mustard oil has the properties of lubricating, fat or say to hydrate the skin.  Contains amounts of Vitamin A as come from skin plans to maintain youthfulness.  Mustard oil body massage daily after or before bath is enough to keep your skin young for 10 years.

 Benefits of applying on poisonous insect or mosquito bites

    Because mustard oil has anti-bacterial properties, it reduces swelling and pain caused by insect or mosquito bites more quickly.  Not only this, it also plays its role as an anti-pain or a pain killer.  If you try it, you can feel it.

 For hair

 Traditionally, mustard oil has been used in India for hair and scalp massage same as coconut oil hair massage.  It strengthens the hair roots, increases hair growth, maintains their shine, reduces hair fall  and provides them essential nutrients.

 Building immunity to cold and flu

 Some people may be surprised to read this. But Mustard oil massages on the body gives the body immunity against cold and flu. Ayurveda tells that when mustard oil is massaged on the body on a daily basis, it provides the body with such energy and action which helps body against fluctuating temperature of the season. 

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