Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

10 Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

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Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

Blood disorders have been considered in Ayurveda as the reason for the occurrence of any type of skin disease in the body. According to Ayurveda, the major reasons for blood disorders are related to the food lifestyle. The bad combination of foods has been described openly in Ayurveda, which, if eaten in ignorance, causes blood disorders and skin-related diseases. Exactly on this basis, if you pay special attention to your diet, you can keep away from skin disease. If any skin disease has surrounded you, then you can also develop your immunity against it. Here are some lifestyle changes that you can follow to eliminate the causes of blood disorders and skin diseases.

Cleansing juice: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases


The juice of fresh fruits and vegetables takes out the toxic elements from the body. Juices of amla, carrot, fennel, coriander juice, tulsi tea, and new green grass juice, are the best to have.

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No to Tea and coffee: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

Consumption of tea or coffee reduces the immunity of your skin, along with this it also increases pitta, toxicity, and heat. Coffee contains some Rasaynsa that make your blood toxic. Therefore, if you already has any skin problem, then these two should avoid.

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Include coconut water: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

coconut water

Coconut Water is a very good medicinal drink. Drinking Coconut Water not only removes blood disorders. It also controls pitta dosha in the body. Skin diseases come to the fore only when this defect increases. If you include coconut water in your daily diet, then your skin will be shiny and free from diseases. It develops the immunity of the skin.

Vitamin E therapy: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases


Whenever there is a skin disease, first of all there would be a deficiency of vitamins in your body. Therefore, first of all, you should include Vitamin E in your diet and supplement of Vitamin E should be taken on the advice of a doctor. Lotion rich in Vitamin E should also be used if needed.

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Skin hydration: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

oil body massage

The hydration of the skin plays a very important role for the development of the skin’s immunity. If you have dry skin then there are chances of getting skin disease. That’s why the infected place has seen drier and the crust starts coming off. That is why you should also take special care of hydration. Try to lubricate your skin using natural oils and lotions like coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil. All these mentioned have many medicinal properties too.

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Lecithin: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

It is a type of nutrition which is very important for the health of the skin. It is found more in green vegetables. Include green leafy vegetables like broccoli and legumes like kidney beans, black beans, etc.

Turmeric: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases


There is a special type of nutrition or some chemical inside turmeric, which is called curcumin. It provides immunity to the skin and body against any type of bacterial infection. Therefore, if a certain amount of turmeric is included in your diet, the skin becomes capable against bacterial infection. Ayurveda states that turmeric has miraculous properties that provide anti-bacterial and antivirus quality. Use turmeric as an ingredient in your meals or take a curcumin supplement as per doctor adviced.

Sun Exposure: Ayurveda Lifestyle For Reverse Skin Diseases

The body needs a certain amount of sunlight. Sunlight not only strengthens the bones of the body but also protects from any type of bacterial infection on the inner and outer part of the body. The sun’s rays kill bacteria. If your skin is not exposed to the sun rays for a long time, then the number of bacteria on your skin keeps on increasing and your skin’s ability keeps on decreasing over time and causes skin disease. Take sun exposure for at least 15-20 mins between 9am to 11am.

Stress Relieving Activities

Stress is the root of almost every disease. B because stress hormones affect the muscles, mental health, brain, organs etc. In this way the body becomes vulnerable to every type of disease. The same happens in the case of skin diseases as well. Therefore you should try to include such activities in your daily routine which diagnose stress and depression. Do meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises in your daily.

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