Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

7 Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

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Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health,  in Ayurveda tea and coffee are used as medicine, not as a regular fit in the diet. The chemical presence in tea and coffee such as Caffeine, that is not good to take regularly in high amounts. Coffee not only contains caffeine, but also some chemicals are found in it, which are not good for health in excessive amounts. Coffee is not considered good for health from an Ayurvedic point of view, but you can take it as a medicine once or twice a week. Most people consume coffee daily and especially sometimes four to five cups of coffee are consumed by them daily. The chemicals found in coffee in such quantity are not good for the health of the body and also for the health of the mind. Let’s Know the main and major health side effects conditions of coffee and tea addiction.

More than 1 Cup a day: Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

When you should not drink coffee

But most of people are used to tea and coffee. Even most of them have more than 5 cups of tea/coffee per day. This triggers all over body health and some conditions this addiction is more than unhealthy.

 Hormonal Diseases: Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

In hormonal diseases body, tea and coffee addiction increase the existing imbalance problem. Not even this, it brings the body’s health status from controllable to uncontrollable hormonal status.

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 As the first thing in the Morning: Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

A maximum number of people take tea or coffee as the first thing in the morning. In the morning our body is an empty stomach, the digestion system is ready to catch and absorb the food, and the glands are fresh as the morning sun. When you drink coffee as the first meal, it actually burns the organs with its unhealthy organs and destroy the natural body ‘Rasayana’ system. This directly affects all hormones secretion and the digestive system too.

Blood Pressure: Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health


 Coffee increases high blood pressure. So people who have the problem of high blood pressure should stay away from coffee because the chemicals found in it are not good for high blood pressure. The over intake of tea or coffee increases Blood pressure because of its chemicals that increase activeness.

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 Heart Diseases: Tea or Coffee Side Effects for Health

heart diseases

If somebody has any heart-related problem then he/she must keep the distance from coffee/tea. The chemical present in these increase heart rate, gas, and anxiety. All these gives negative effects on the heart.

Digestion and Gut related problems

Tea and coffee increase gas formation during digestion, and toxins in the blood, decrease appetite and make feel full for longer. Tea and coffee absorb hydration from the body, decrease the natural lubrication of intestines and disturbed all gut health.

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