These 7 Benefits Of Ghee Body Massage You Must Need To Know| Why Ghee Body Massage Is Good For Skin

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According to Ayurveda, desi ghee is said to be beneficial for health, from improving beauty to removing fatigue, desi ghee is used! So let’s know what are the benefits of ghee body massage? According to Ayurveda, desi ghee is considered a medicine. It not only reduces excess body fat but has also proved to be very beneficial in removing mental and physical diseases! In Indian food culture, this is a product that is obtained from milk. Also it is an integral part of Indian kitchen. The special thing is that it is not limited to the kitchen but has the power to strengthen the body from outside as well. This means that Ghee has also been used for massage on the body. And this is a conventional wisdom that our elders have taken advantage of for a long time. Over the past few years, there has been a renewed discussion on the benefits of ghee body massage and it is really worth making it a part of the routine. Ghee massage has a very special importance in Ayurveda, it provides heat, energy and strength to the body. Let’s come to a detailed discussion on its benefits.


Immunity System

 Anti Aging Properties

   Ghee has high fat content and high fatty acid content.  Due to which it provides moisturizer to the skin for a long time.  The natural moisture of the skin is retained for a long time and the skin is not affected by heat of the environment. Apart from this, Ghee body massage also provides extra nourishment to the skin.


 Removes Blemishes From the Body

 This massage Contains nutrients like omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin B12.  They work to remove and lighten the dead skin particles , stains or dark circles on the skin.

 Relieve Fatigue

 The Ghee body massage done on the hands and feet removes the feeling of weakness and fatigue from the body. Because the pressure points on the hands and feet pressed during the massage. It helps in all the muscles and nerves of the body to opened and energized.  By doing this, even the weakest unconscious person can be brought to the senses.

 Destroys Vata Dosha in the Body

 Not only by eating ghee, but by applying it on the body, it also destroys the vata dosha in the body. Which means that if you have pain and swelling in your body or you feel more cold.  So by lightly doing lukewarm ghee body massage, you can get rid of these problems in your body.

 Special Importance of in Winter

 Not only eating ghee in winter but Ghee body massage in winter has a special significance in itself also. Because the nature of ghee is deep nutrition, hydration and warming.  The massage keeps the body warm.

 Vitamin-D Deficiency

 If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in your body, which is found more in the winter season. Then after Ghee body massage, take 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight. By doing this your body will get the proper amount of vitamin D. 

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