Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

10 Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

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Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

The most worrying thing in the present time is the health of the heart. Because with the passing of time, the incidence of stroke and heart attack is increasing among the youth. The reasons for which the modern science is not able to understand perfectly. But to find the reasons, if a little deeper study is done into the lifestyle, reasons can be found out. The reason for this lies in the lifestyle activities and dietary changes that have come in the last 50-60 years. The surprising thing is that these same reasons have been written in old books of Ayurveda 5000 years ago. Which will be told next with each point. Let’s know what kind of lifestyle should be followed and what should avoid!

A balanced and nutritious diet: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

Bad Foods for Weak Liver Health

In Ayurveda, excess and deficiency of anything is considered harmful for health. So try to include all things in a balanced form in your diet. Try not to use any synthetic form of nutrition. Maintaining a long-term healthy diet requires balance, Good sources of protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables should make up the majority of your diet.

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No excessive protein: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

Side effects of vitamin D deficiency in the body

In the last four-five years, there has been a lot of growth in the protein market. Due to this the market has become full of products and powders of proteins. A high-protein diet is also being promoted by all dieticians and gym trainers. But it is important to know here that the harmful effects on the health by excess protein is more than that protein in the deficiency of protein. Excess of protein directly affects blood pressure, digestion, heart rate, dehydration level and heart health.

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No to refined oil: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

fried food

It is clearly told in Ayurveda that raw material of food should never be more fined or refined. Because the process of refinancing reduces the product’s nutritional value and add toxicity to it. The more the food gets refined the more it will be bad for health. In modern food culture, refined oil trend is high. That is the main reason of increasing heart problems even in youngsters.

Yes to Ghee: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

ghee benefits

Replace refined oils with ghee. Ghee is a miracle ‘Rasayana’ in Ayurveda. It has good fatty acid, good carbohydrates, and hydration values. It clears the organs, removes toxicity of the body, improves digestion and heart health.

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No to Modern gym trend: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart


The culture of joining the modern gym for health improvement is popular among youth. But really it is improving their health? No! the training of gym trainers and especially the diet chart given by them are ruining the youngster’s health. Protein powders, lack of hydration m rapid change in body activity engagement, over exercise pressure as compared to their ability to hold. all these making them sick, especially destroying their heart health. This is the rash reality of the gym trend.

Regular yoga practice: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

camel pose/ Ushtraasana

Despite of joining the gym, it’s better to start Yoga according to your body’s need and health status by yourself. Yes! you can start it yourself by just watching some videos according to health needs. Yoga’s fundamental principles are directly correlated to body needs and conditions. The breathing rules, the pressure on the body, the body parts engagement, focusing on clearing your body Urja etc. All these make Yoga a best body exercise option for overall good health. When practicing yoga regularly you can see positive changes in heart health.

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Meditation: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart


Meditation is a charismatic ‘Kriya’ that clears your aura. It clears your mind, brain, body and activates your chakras. Meditation is very useful in controlling stress and depression. Heart disease is mainly associated with mental health most of the time. Because stress, depression and anxiety increase some hormones that attack all body parts and hormones, this negatively affects heart health.

Stay away from processed food: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

Reduce or even stop eating items that have undergone extensive processing. Packaged foods, particularly those that are ready to eat, are the foods that have undergone extensive processing (crackers, potato chips, and even ready to foods).

Soda drinks: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

Replace soda and energy beverages with water and other healthy fruits based drinks. By substituting these, you can greatly improve your health.

Control the weight: Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

Overweight and underweight are the conditions when your body starts to be unable to in many normal body procedures. That starts high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, low immunity, indigestion, acidity, cholesterol problems in the body. These all invite heart problems to join with them too.

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