How Mind Holds Power to Longevity

How Mind Holds Power to Longevity

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How Mind Holds Power to Longevity

It is written in the ancient scriptures of Yoga and Ayurveda that among all the living beings on this earth, the most perfect is the human body. That is because man’s body energy, soul and brain can make such a relation and balance among themselves that it can find out all the secrets of this nature by self-enlightenment..

How Mind Holds Power to Longevity , Yogis who have been practicing yoga on the Himalayas for hundreds of years, are storing energy to live many- many hundred years with the benefit of the yoga secrets. Many proofs of this have also been presented many times by many Rishi and Sadhus. If you want details then, search about ‘Himalaya Yogi’ on YouTube or Google and see! you will definitely find facts and truth. But is it possible to live a long life without sacrificing material life and practicing yoga in the high mountains? If answered to this, yes it is possible to a large extent. At least you can enjoy life comfortably for 100 years with complete health. For this only you have to understand and practice the ‘balance of your body, soul and mind’. how the secret of long life is hidden in the control of human mind, brain and solar energy? Here are some rules to understand that, how this can be possible!

Mental peace and Dhyana: How Mind Holds Power to Longevity


One has to learn some elementary teachings of yogic practice. Which in today’s time normally you can learn from anywhere. You can also get it easily on social media, YouTube or Google. You have to learn the art of ‘Dhyana (meditation)’. According to the ‘yoga of meditating’, in Dhyana there is a state of ’emptiness of thoughts’. When you get this by yourself then no kind of influence of the world can disturb your mind and you come in a state of ‘mental peace’. In Yoga this called “Shunya Awastha (Zero Status of thoughts) .It is this mental state that takes you far away from stress, anxiety and depression, the root cause of the worst diseases of today’s time.

Yoga Asana For Good Heart Health

Breathing exercise: How Mind Holds Power to Longevity


With the time Breathing exercises make your mind and brain as stable as your breath. It has been clearly said in Yoga that whatever the speed and condition of your breath, your mind, brain and soul will also be of the same type. This is the basic physical practice to make a balance between your body and mind.

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Determination power: How Mind Holds Power to Longevity

Goddess pose/ uttkatkonasana

Determination power is very important in yoga. It is called ‘Dradicha shakti’ , it is such a mental status ans strenghth where you decide to do something once, you take a vow that in any situation you will follow that vow.

Will not move away from This firmness of thought fills you with a mental and physical energy and strength. This determination power gives you the ability to overcome any kind of physical and mental condition and achieve your goal. People who have strong determination power, they get long life by coming out very easily of any kind of accident, physical illness, or mental trauma.

Patience and discipline: How Mind Holds Power to Longevity

Ayurveda Rules for a healthy heart

It is almost impossible to achieve any big goal in life without patience. Because to get it you have to work hard, patience and follow some rules. Only after having patience, hard work, restraint and rule-following qualities, you can follow the above-mentioned rules properly. If you follow them till the end of your life, then definitely you get a long and healthy life. Apart from these, you will have to observe restraint and rules in two other areas, this will have a direct effect on your body and mind. These are:-

yoga practice

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( How Mind Holds Power to Longevity ), Both these practices and knowledge provide the basic physical and mental foundations for longevity.

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