Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

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Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

Anxiety can cause stress and stress can further worsen anxiety. They are inseparable when it comes to their influence on Hormonal Health. The best thing is to Activate & Regulate Vagus Nerve. Since this nerve connects the brain and the body, by activating them, things like hunger, immune response and feeling of calmness or anxiety improve.
Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression, It is written in the ancient scriptures of yoga that the ‘Sushumna Nadi’ starts from the genital of man and woman and enters the brain while moving along the spinal cord. According to yoga, it cannot be seen by any instrument it belongs to another dimension of the body which is not able to be seen with eyes. The same nearby pulse is also called the vagus nerve. In this way the health and mental benefits can be obtained by balancing the vagus nerve. In fact, this Sushumna Nadi can also be used for health and mental benefits by doing all the same work suggested below. Let’s know what processes and activities using the vagus nerve and Sushumna Nadi can activate to get relief from stress and depression.

Meditation: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression


Meditation is often understood as a Religious Act, but in fact, it is a technique that keeps your mind and brain healthy and develops their abilities. Although its techniques have been preserved in certain religious texts and practices, but this does not mean at all that it is its more religious practices. This is a universal practical truth used for health. The meditation practice focuses on pointing thoughts in one place and at the time of centering it, you try not to have any other thoughts in the mind which is called ‘Shunya position’ in meditation. When you stay in such a state for 15 to 20 minutes, your mind and brain are completely detoxified. Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

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Deep Breathing: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

Goddess pose/ uttkatkonasana

Mostly Humans do not pay much attention to their breathing style. Which makes them takes short and less breaths, gradually due to this type of breathing, most parts of the lungs stops working and oxygen in most part of your body decreases. The right amount of oxygen in the body bring depression and stress.

Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression , Whether the body is getting oxygen properly or not, this message is given to the brain by the vagus nerve. When you breathe deeply the oxygen in your body goes in the right amount and the vagus nerve also gets activated. Due to this the brain also sends the message to in the body that everything is right and hormones are secreted at the normal level.

Breathing Exercises: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression


If you do breath-related yoga asanas like Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom regularly, then the level of oxygen in your body remains correct and your lungs remain healthy and open. The correct level of oxygen is not only necessary for the proper secretion of all hormones throughout the body, but it also sends positive messages to the brain and regulates the secretion of cortisol. Sushumna Nadi remains active by doing yogasanas like Pranayama Anulom Vilom too.

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Singing: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression


Yoga ancient scriptures say that music has the power that can be used not only for your mental health but also can be used in the best way for physical health. Through music, the person can heal from all kinds of fatigue and negative thinking as it generates positive energy inside the body. Being positive it sends positive messages to your brain and releases hormones associated with pleasure.

Humming or Mantra Jaap: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

Humming or Mantra Jaap

Humming is also a part of the singing process, in this, you humming something in your mind or take a bath, put all your attention on it. When you focus your entire attention on it, then your body and mind remove all the worries and thoughts. Focusing on it gradually eliminates your negativity. Inside Yoga Shashtras the pronunciation of mantras also makes the effects as same and with greater impact.

Cold Shower: Ayurveda Lifestyle to Beat Stress and Depression

Cold Shower

In cold water bath, cold water travels from your head to your feet,. This reduces the amount of heat and tiredness in your brain. It also reduces the heat of your entire body, and controls pitta dosha in your body. If there is high pulse, high blood pressure, build-up of body heat , when you take a bath with cold water it all calms down. . Along with this, bathing with cold water activates your vagus nerve and when your vagus nerve is activated then all these mentioned processes happen faster.

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