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5 Yoga Poses For Good Heart Health

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yoga poses for good heart health

Yoga is an important part of the ancient Indian ‘SANKHYA’ knowledge. In the original texts related to yoga, yoga has been considered essential for mental and physical health. It has the ability to keep every part of the body young and as new. Yoga Develops physical immunity against almost every disease in the body. Even if you have got any disease in the body, then by doing yoga asanas related to it, you can get control over those problems. Let’s discuss some such Yogasanas which have the ability to increase Good Heart Health.

1. Nataraja Asana: yoga poses for good heart health

Dancers Pose/ Nataraja Asana

Under this yoga posture, the flow of blood in the body is conducted properly. The small arteries and muscles of the heart open. This Asana make is very gentle pressure on the heart, Which contributes a lot to strengthening the heart. It also opens up the lungs on asana. Due to this, the lungs are able to take in the right amount of oxygen and that oxygen is used well by the heart.

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2. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose: yoga poses for good heart health

Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

During this asana when you fill the lungs with oxygen and turn your face backward, a good pressure is exerted on the heart. It strengthens the arteries and muscles of the heart. Develops its capabilities and removes the clogging in arteries.

3. Dhanurasana: yoga poses for good heart health


Dhanurasana is a developed form of Bhujangasana. in which you also hold the legs upwards with your hands and in this posture the pressure on the heart increases even more. The blood flow increases in the body parts even more in this yoga posture. This Strengthens and increases the flexibility of their muscles

4. Chakrasana: yoga poses for good heart health


Gravity plays a very important role in this yoga posture. Where due to gravity, the hands and feet move downwards. The heart position is pushed to upwards., in this way, this mudra develops the capabilities of the heart. Because your chest is upwards and opens, so the ability to take oxygen increases.

5. Ushtrasana

camel pose/ Ushtraasana

In texts related to yoga, that Asana is said to open the heart chakra. which means that it increases the efficiency of heart function and strengthens the heart.

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