Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

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Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

There are many types of divisions in Ayurveda knowledge and practice. Some of these can be adopted as a part of daily life routine. But there are some special medicinal plants- herbs, therapies, and treatments that could not be part of daily or normal life routine. These are applicable only on special medical conditions. But in the Ayurveda trend that has arisen in the last 30 years, the science of the gap between these two parts of Ayurveda has been ignored. This is extremely dangerous for health. These kinds of practices are being mentioned here, which are very popular at present. But they are only used as a treatment in special medicinal conditions. But the trends make those a part of daily routine, which is too dangerous for health.

Ashwagandha: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices


Ashwagandha is seen as very popular in use. That is being used to get energy, to get strength, many times it is also being used for people with diabetes. Ashwagandha has strong Dosha effects, which is why it is used only in special treatment. If you start taking it in general, then it is very dangerous. It increases pitta, increases heat, increases blood pressure and bad for heart and Can bring diseases related to the skin.

Chywanprash: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices


A classical and popular anti-aging Ayurvedic formula. Problem is, the original ingredients are not available, and the substitutes are inadequate. Take it to the next level with the superior version of this. It is also advised to eat Chavanprash only in special circumstances, you cannot use it as everyday food. The medicines inside it can make your body very hot, can increase stomach problems and can cause nervousness. Also cyavanaprāsa is recommended to take with hot milk, (it has honey, so that’s dangerous). Because taking honey with hot water or hot milk is very toxic, with this it creates many types of poison in the body.

Hot Water with Lemon, Ginger & Honey: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

Hot Water with Lemon, Ginger & Honey

Ayurvedic physicians & teachers even think it is okay to add in honey “if your pinky finger can withstand the water temperature”. Heating honey above 37 degrees C. is “deadly”. In such people, who drink this drink for more than 30-25 days, slowly they started to get blood-related diseases, problems of dizziness, pain in the muscles, and a feeling of weakness. This is felt because slowly poison starts building up in the blood.

Bad foods combination according to Ayurveda

Dry Scrubbing/Brushing: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

Dry Scrubbing/Brushing

Helps Kapha but aggravates Vata. The majority of people have a Vata imbalance (ungrounded nervous system & excessive movements). Dry scrubbing has never been a part of the routine of Ayurveda in general, that’s why its common practice is not seen anywhere in India where it is most popular. Because it dries the skin, does skin maturity, also gives birth to premature wrinkles.

Benefits of Ghee body Massage on Skin

Turmeric milk daily: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

turmeric milk side effects

You cannot drink turmeric milk everyday, it is advised to take it only under certain health conditions. If you will start taking it like water everyday. So it will very quickly bring dark circles under your eyes, increase Pitta in your body, and gradually affect your liver and kidneys negatively.

Shilajit: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

Śilājatu, a mineral that oozes out from mountain crevices is highly adulterated and hardly anyone is practicing proper purification. Not only this, as much as there is enthusiasm to use it, equally there is a lack of knowledge regarding its correct use. No one is much aware on its exact dosage, specific physical condition to use etc.

Enemas: Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices


In the last 5 years the trend of using enema has increased a lot. Because of some social media popular accounts have promoted it without knowing its specific background and after-effects in long run. Actually enema is a type of surgical condition which cable is used for the very important situation. But nowadays people are being encouraged to use it everyday, which is very dangerous. Gradually your body forgets the process of natural bowel movement. And it will be even more dangerous for you.

Panchakarma (PK): Most Misused Ayurvedic Practices

Too many clinics are rushing the PK process, prematurely & aggressively detoxifying the body. Pre-pancakarma (pūrva karma) and post-pancakarma (samsarjana karma) are also neglected.

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