Ayurveda Knowledge Of bad food combination

Ayurveda Knowledge Of bad food combination | Incompatible Food Combination In Ayurveda

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Thousands year old practice of Ayurveda

   If the various texts available in India are considered witness, then the knowledge Of bad food combinations in Ayurveda is between 5000 years to 3000 years old. This Knowledge is passed through the Gurus to their disciples under ‘Shruti tradition’ for many thousand years. The knowledge of Ayurveda is based on the knowledge of the Whole nature, 5 basic elements, environment, and body imbalances. With this whole knowledge and practice, Ayurveda keeps the human body healthy and free from diseases.

 Knowledge of sages and MahaRishi

incompatible food combination

  The knowledge of Ayurveda is some up of the discoveries of the various great intelligent and accomplished sages. It is said that in Ancient Texts the whole Ayurveda knowledge was collected and enhanced by Brahma, Prajapati Prajapati, Ashwani Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Indra, Bhardwaj, Asad Bhardwaj and Sushruta Dhanvantari. All these sages have collected the knowledge of Ayurveda in various books like Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Rigveda. Ayurveda knows not only the treatment with herbs but also some advanced techniques of surgery, lifestyle rules, reasons for illness and many more. This may come as a surprise to modern science, but it was very developed medical practice and knowledge in the ancient wisdom traditions.

The Different Dosha Of food

body dosha

The knowledge of Of bad food combinations in Ayurveda is extremely detailed on the daily routine, life practice, the importance of body and food in the changing season, the effect of various fruits and vegetables on the body. It is also divided based on the principle of dosha to all these, there are three types of dosha -Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The basis of the division of three dosha is the five elements found in the environment: – Earth, water, sky, fire and air. based on the different status of these five great fundamental elements the particular Dosha has formed. The dosha is found in the human body, food and environment. Ayurveda suggests some principle for eating food, in particular weather and every dosha human body. This study and division are though ancient, but it is very modern and scientific.

keeps In mind the Chemicals of food

nutrition food

 Ayurveda maintains in-depth knowledge of the various flavors, nature and nutrients found in food. In bad food combination, it pays attention to the reaction of various chemicals known to the good digestion of the human body, thus Ayurveda makes the rules of food based on the reaction of chemicals of food and chemicals of the human body. The prime example is the incompatible food combination rule in Ayurveda.

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