Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

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Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

The Abnormal cycle of periods has become a common problem in today’s time. But it also has many side effects, in which problems like weight gain, hormonal problems, and problems in conceiving are prominent. If your period comes before time, or your cycle is of 18-25 days and you want to bring it closer to 30 to 28 days. Then there are such foods from an Ayurvedic perspective that will help to normalize your early period. The Vata dosha is seen as prominent in the body of women whose periods come prematurely. The blood pressure of some of them also remains lower than normal. Here I will tell some such remedies or foods which will normalize these imbalances in your body. It will better to start eating all these foods and remedies, one week before the date of your period.

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Coriander: Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

coriander powder benefits in recipes

Both coriander seeds and coriander leaves are cooling in nature. These control pitta and Ushma in the body. Coriander balances hormones in the body and normalizes early periods. You can boil coriander in water or coriander laddoos are also eaten, you can also take them.

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Fennel Seeds: Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

Fennel seeds: Iron Rich

Fennel seeds are also of a cooling nature according to Ayurveda. This normalizes pitta dosha by removing excessive heat fro the body. It balances the hormones by normalizing the hyperactivity of the glands in the body. You can mix and boil the seeds of coriander with fennel.

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RAISINS: Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle

black raisins

According to Ayurveda, raisins balance a balanced Vata and Pitta dosha in the body. Raisins help in having the period a little late.

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Curd: Ayurvedic Foods to Delay Period Cycle


If you want to delay the periods a little, then sour things and cold things are very useful in this. Curd is also probiotics and these probiotics destroy Pitta in the body and maintain coolness. On the other hand, curd also acts to compress the muscles and this contraction slightly delays the periods.

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