What does Ayurveda say About Breastfeeding Benefits to Child

7 Ways to Improve Breastmilk Quality Ayurvedically

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Improve Breastmilk Quality

Milk is the nectar for the child, it has come that the child who gets mother’s milk till the right time. The health of that child becomes very strong against external viruses and bacteria, his bones become very strong and overall good physical development. Not only this, the mother’s milk helps in developing the early digestive system of the child. If a child is not able to get breast milk for the first 1 year, then his digestive system becomes very weak for his whole life. It has been said in Ayurveda that the mother should feed her child as long as possible and for at least 2 years. Along with this, do you know that a mother can add many medicinal abilities to her milk according to the need of her child? Because whatever she eats, its effect comes in her milk and the child receives it. So by eating good and needed specific food, she can do this. Let’s know that according to Ayurveda, what are the important food for the mother in accordance of the child’s first 6 months’ needs?

Fenugreek seeds: Improve Breastmilk Quality

fenugreek water

Fenugreek seeds are rich in iron. Due to this both mother and child remain free from jaundice. Jaundice is the biggest risk for mother and child after delivery. Apart from iron, there are also such nutrients and minerals that make the bones of the child strong, if the mother consumes them. It can be had as tea or can be soaked overnight and swallowed with warm water in the morning.

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Ajwain (Carom Seeds): Improve Breastmilk Quality

Ajwain Benefits

After the birth of the child, the child feels a lot of pain in the muscles. Mothers also feel the same. They have fatigue and an excess of Vata dosha. If the mother consumes ajwain seeds, not only does the mother get relief in all those troubles, but all the problems of the child also go away. There is also a good amount of iron and other nutrients inside carom seeds that help a lot to both.

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Sesame seeds: Improve Breastmilk Quality

The problem related to muscle weakness is found more in the baby in his first 6 months. The child feels slight pain in his muscles, which can be removed by the properties of sesame seeds present in his mother’s milk. Sesame seeds give relief in pain, stiffness and make bones strong in both mother and baby. Sesame seeds tea is a popular drink post delivery.

Cumin seeds: Improve Breastmilk Quality

If the right amount of cumin seed is fed to the mother during the postpartum period. Then it increases the amount of milk production, and increases the flow of milk in the veins, due to which the child does not lack milk. In cumin seeds, there is the ability to strengthen the digestion and it does not allow the acidity to form. in the postpartum period, both the child and the mother have problems of acidity and indigestion. this can be added in your meals while cooking. Cumin water/tea can be had once/twice a day. Also relieves bloating, constipation and improves digestion along with helping breast milk production.

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Shatavari: Improve Breastmilk Quality

Shatavari increases the amount of breast milk of the mother. Shatavari is warm in effect, not only helps in cleaning the mother’s womb. But is also good for the child, it strengthens the child’s immunity and protects the child from cold. You could have Shatavari as powder, ghee or pill with the advice of an ayurvedic doctor in the recommended dosage.

Ghee: Improve Breastmilk Quality

ghee benefits

a new mother should consume a good amount of ghee for 6 months after the birth of the child. This not only gives energy and strength. Rather, it also provides the necessary healthy fat to the child through the mother’s breast milk. When Ghee is eaten by the mother, the milk made from it gives good immunity to the child, strengthens muscles and it does not allow dryness in the child’s body. The child’s body remains completely hydrated by ghee infused breast milk..

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Improve Breastmilk Quality

Green leafy veggies like spinach, fenugreek, mustard greens (sarson da saag), gourd veggies like lauki, tinda, tori and pulses improve breast milk supply and also give you and your baby enough iron, protein & fiber through the breast milk..

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