Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

7 Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

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Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower , Krishna Lotus is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is also known as the passion flower in English. This flower has great importance in Hinduism and is called ‘Krishna Kamal’. Passionflower is a beautiful ornamental plant with medicinal properties. For medicinal purposes whole plant either dried or fresh is used. The plant was initially used by Native Americans as a Tonic, relaxant and tranquilizer. Later it reached Europe and now it is listed in the pharmacopeias of Great Britain, United States, India, France, Germany, Switzerland and others.

Why Passion Flower is Called ‘Krishna Kamal’?

Looking at the shape of the flower, it seems that all the important characteristics of Mahabharata are contained in this flower. The outer petals of this flower are purple red or white in color. Because of these numbers being 100, it is called Kaurava. There are 5 buds on it which are called Pandavas. Apart from this, there are 5 buds above and 3 buds which are considered to be the symbol of Brahma- Vishnu- Mahesh. 
Also, the one who sits in the center is considered as Krishna form. The texture of Krishna Lotus is like Rakhi, hence it is also called Rakhi Bell or Jhumka Lata. This flower is not only beautiful to look at but can remove many problems related to your health.  it is best for people with Vata and Pitta imbalances. 

Ayurvedic Nature Of Krishna Kamal ( Passion flower)

Ayurvedic Qualities:
Taste (Rasa): Bitter
Potency (Virya): Cooling
Post-Digestive Effect (Vipaka): Pungent
Dosha Prabhav (Effect on Doshas): Reduces Vata &amp ; Pitta.
Actions (karma): Nervine, Sedative, Diuretic & Anodyne.

Krishna Kamal Uses: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

1. Insomnia: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower


Passion Fower is one of the few special Ayurvedic herbs that balance all three doshas, ​​Vata, Pitta and Kapha. insomnia comes in a person when there is an increase of Pitta dosha in the body, mental stress, Mantel instability or quite often it can also appear as a symptom of blood infection. For all these reasons, tea made from passion flower can be consumed and it helps in insomnia.

2. Anxiety/ Depression: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower


The root cause of anxiety, depression and stress is the fear of excessive load on the body and brain. This direct effect is seen on the muscle and nerves of the brain. Krishna Kamal contains chemicals that relax the muscles and nerves, due to which It is quite profitable. It also helps Relieve anxiety before surgery . Intake of this herb has anti-spasmodic activity and relaxes involuntary muscles. Passionflower has sedative, calming and hypnotic effects on the mind that helps in stress, depression and anxiety.

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3. Neuralgia and seizures: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

If a person has a problem of Neuralgia or seizures then the passion flower tea makes a remarkable impact on that person. The main reason for seizures is a lot of mental stress or some shock history. Even in such a situation, Krishna Kamal helps a lot in both these problems due to its mind management and relaxing properties.

4. Whooping cough, bronchitis, and asthma: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

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Because Krishna Kamal is also supposed to control Kapha dosha, that is why it proves to be very beneficial in lung problems arising out of the imbalance of doshas.

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5. High Heart rate and blood pressure: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower


When increased Pitta dosha increased in the body, the blood pressure also increases. Because there are Pitta dosha controlling chemicals inside the Krishna lotus, hence it also shows a lot of positive effects in problems like high blood pressure and high palpitation. Actually, there are such chemicals in passion flower that it provides soothing and coolness to both body and mind.

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6. Diabetes: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

Few studies done using rats confirm hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects. Its intake improves glucose tolerance and lipid profile and helps in the regeneration of pancreatic islets of Langerhans.

7. Tension headaches and Migraines: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

According to Ayurveda, the major cause of migraine and headaches is increased Vata and pitta dosha. It has the best ability to calm these doshas, that is why it can be eaten in these problems as well.

8. Drugs De-Addiction: Ayurvedic Uses Of Passion Flower

In the efforts of de-addiction, such a stage comes in the life of a drug addict when the drug is kept away from him, but in such a state his mental balance becomes very furious and he/she gets crazy to eat that drug. If passion flower is fed to that addict, then it can help in this mental condition. It is useful in the management of mental symptoms due to withdrawal of nicotine, opiates, cannabis or alcohol.

How does Krishna Kamal work?

There isn’t much research available yet on how it is an herbal supplement and how it works. For more information about this, you should contact a herbal specialist or a doctor. However, some research suggests that the chemicals present in the passion flower have calming and relieving muscle spasms.

What should I know before using Krishna Kamal?

Consult a doctor or herbalist before using it in the following circumstances:

A. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding  In both the cases the medicine should be taken only on the advice of the doctor.

B. If you are taking other medicines. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medicines, which are available in the market for purchase without a prescription.

C. If you are allergic to any substance in Krishna Kamal or any other medicine or drug.

D. If you have an illness, disorder or any other medical condition.

E. If you have any other type of allergy to food, dye, preservatives or animals.

Regulatory rules regarding drugs are not more strict than other medicines. Additional studies are needed to assess their safety. Before using Krishna Kamal, its dangers must be compared with its benefits. Consult your herbalist or doctor for more details.

How safe is Krishna Kamal?

Krishna Kamal is generally safe, if ingested in moderate amounts. It is safe for most everyone to drink Krishna lotus tea before sleeping at night for seven days. It is safe to take its medicine in the prescribed quantity for eight consecutive days. If the extract of this flower is eaten in high quantity, such as more than three and a half grams continuously for two days, then it can cause harm.

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