7 Ayurvedic Benefits Of Coriander Powder

7 Ayurvedic Benefits Of Coriander Powder In Curries

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What is Coriander powder

Coriander is mainly used in Indian kitchen, it is used in two ways. The benefits of coriander powder comes from both way, either it is a green small plant and used as raw green in different recipes. Or when the raw green coriander plant is dried up under the sky then the seeds are grinded in a powder form and used as spices. This Indian Spice is the main curry spice.  Ayurvedically, it is very cold in nature and therefore it is mostly used in the summer season. It has many medicinal and miraculous properties and nutritional properties.

Why it is GOOD to Combined in Curries

  Let us look at the reasons behind these through Ayurveda.  Beans and lentils are a very good source of protein but they are a bit heavy to digest.  That is why they are instructed to soak for 7 to 8 hours before cooking.  However, when eating them, they dissolve some amount of body moisture and hydration. It is also an interesting thing that all the green vegetables are full of antioxidants. lentils do not have this quality.  Lentils and beans make gas, reduce appetite and increase the chances of constipation.  Benefits of Coriander powder increased when it used as addition in curries. This could kill all these defects.  Apart from this, detailed discussion on this is given below.

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Benefits of coriander powder in lentils and vegetables

 # Antioxidant

   Coriander is found to have a very good amount of antioxidants due to which it keeps the mind fresh and prevents any kind of nausea or vomiting after eating.  Lentils increase these possibilities of constipation and indigestion, but Benefits of coriander powder is that it eliminates this when used with lentils. 

#  Digestible 

  When Coriander is added into the food, even if it is heavy in digestion nature, It helps in digestion.  It is full of chemicals that go into the stomach and break the food very quickly.

#  Keep the body cool

   Coriander is considered extremely cold in Ayurveda.  On the other hand beans, lentils and some vegetables cury are heavy to digest and puts pressure on the digestive system. Which increases the body heat.  But when it is used, due to the Benefits of coriander powder the load falling on the digestion system decrease and kills the body heat.

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#  Eliminate allergies to any lentils and vegetables

 If you are allergic to any vegetable or lentil, then adding coriander, could reduces the chances of allergic reactions to that vegetable.

# Eliminate gas and constipation caused by food

Pulses and potatoes are more likely to cause gas problem and constipation, but when coriander powder is added to it, it reduces its gas and constipation properties.

# feel hungry

  In this way coriander powder digests your food quickly and prepares the digestive system in a very good way for next time eating. It makes you feel hungry and all the nutrients in the body are completely absorbed after eating curry made with this spice.

# Putting Nutrition in Daily Food

  Benefits of coriander powder is that it contains sodium, potassium dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B, and a good amount of magnesium.  In this way, it provides the daily nutritional requirements in the body.

#  Prevent dehydration

 The Coriander powder keeps the body cool, and prevents the body’s from humidity side effects.  This helps the body’s digestive system in such a way that less water is used in the digestive system.  By consuming it in summer, the body avoids heatstroke.

#  Keeping the urinary system clean and preventing stones

 Because the Coriander powder is cold in nature and maintains the amount of water in the body. It keeps the digestive system balanced, eliminates the lack of water in the body and very effective in cleaning the urinary system. This can protect the body from infection of the system

#   Maintaining sugar level

According to a study, it has been found that coriander seeds contain some compounds that produce anti-hyperglycaemic, insulin discharging, and insulin in the blood. That helps in control blood glucose levels.

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