7 uses of fennel for eating after Meal

7 uses of fennel for eating after Meal| fennel health benefits as meal stopper

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What is fennel?  What is the nature of fennel?

Nutritional Value Per 100 Grams

Energy        345 Kcal    

Carbohydrates    52.29 g     

Protein       15.80 g     

Total Fat    14.87 g     

Dietary Fiber       39.8 g        


Niacin         6.050 mg  

Pyridoxine 0.470 mg  

Riboflavin  0.353 mg  

Thiamin     0.408 mg  

Vitamin A  135 IU       

Vitamin C   21 mg                  

Sodium      88 mg        

Potassium 1694 mg   


Calcium      1196 mg   

Copper       1.067 mg  

Iron   18.54 mg  

Magnesium         385 mg     

Manganese         6.533 mg  

Phosphorus         487 mg     

Zinc   3.70 mg

*Source: USDA National Nutrient Data Base

What happens When We Eat fennel After Every Meal?

1. Control Burps


The one of uses of fennel is that, Burps do not come when we eats fennel after meals.  This means when we eats fennel, fennel properties controls the over acid formation in the process of digestion.

2. Increase Digestion : uses of fennel

Increase Digestion

Many times when the food is eaten more than the hunger or body need, then we feels vomiting and heavy stomach.  But if fennel is eaten after eating food, this increased the ‘fire’ of digestion and helps body to counter that situation.

3. Control Stomach heat : uses of fennel

gas problem

Fennel is also a good digestive like coriander and helps digestion process in digesting food. It is already discussed that Fennel also cooling in its nature and Dosha. This gives Fennel ability to balanced “Rasayna(stomach acids)”.

4. Good in Constipation

If its eaten after every meal, it does not let you complain of constipation and easily clears the stomach. It has very good amount of fiber that make bowel movement easy and without burning feeling. As we all know good bowel routine is also a sign of less stomach diseases.

5. Increase Eyesight


Strengthening the digestive system tends to lower gas, lower acidity, no constipation and a cool stomach . That all helps in increase eyesight because good eyesight needs a cool stomach as Ayurveda. If the heat remains in the body, then it affects the light of the eyes. Along with that fact Fennel are also rich in vitamin A.

6. Controls Weight : uses of fennel

weight gain

When we eat fennel seeds after meal it does not allow the body to make too much fat from the food. Fennel work as a metabolic enhancer triggers the metabolism and sheds the excess fat build-up and assists in losing weight. According to the principles of Ayurveda, fennel seeds are known to enhance digestion. It can boost the metabolism and promotes the burning of excess fat accumulated, thus helps to lose weight.

7. Prevents Cancer : uses of fennel

blood infection

According to numerous studies the powerful antioxidant properties of fennel seeds facilitates to battle free radicals and beat oxidative stress which shields the body from several types of cancers including skin, stomach and breasts. Apart from this, fennels seeds are known to exhibit chemo modulatory effect.

How much should take?

One small spoon after meal. Specially after heavy one meal.

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