9 Reasons for Stomach Cancer

9 Reasons for Stomach Cancer

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Reasons for Stomach Cancer, When abnormal mutations start to grow and grow in any organ related to the digestive system, it is called Stomach cancer. Cancer cells start to grow very fast and make tumors in the stomach. Due to this, the stomach starts losing its immunity, and working power. Let’s come to the main reasons for Cancer in the Stomach.

1. Processed and packed food: Reasons for Stomach Cancer

wrong diet

If you eat processed and packaged food every day and it is an integral part of your lifestyle then you should be careful because it is the cause of most types of cancer. Mostly processed meat, fried namkeen, fried spicy snacks, an excessive amount of pickles, ready to eat food etc. These are most responsible for stomach cancer. If such things are an integral part of your food life, then be careful and change your food life.

2. Cold Drinks: Reasons for Stomach Cancer

Cold drinks are largely responsible for stomach cancer. Especially when you eat processed such as snacks with cold drinks for a long time. It causes ulcers in your stomach and gradually these ulcers can change in cancer.

3. Unbalanced Pitta Dosha: Reasons for Stomach Cancer


If your diet is bad then you will always have problems related to your stomach and increased Pitta dosha according to Ayurveda. This means problems like indigestion, constipation, acidity, acid reflux could become always in the stomach. It starts could start affecting the interior wall of your stomach gradually and weakens the immunity. That all gives a suitable environment for cancer tissue to grow.

4. Alcohol: Reasons for Stomach Cancer


People who drink excessive alcohol consumption, especially almost every day. Their body parts gradually become sick and lose their immunity. So their immunity to cancer is seen as low.

5. Inactive Lifestyle: Reasons for Stomach Cancer


People who are lazier and spend most of their time either sitting or lying down. Their normal body activity decreases, blood circulation decreases, new body cells are made less, organs do their normal work less etc. Due to the immunity of every part of their body also decreases, obesity starts to increase in the body of such people. That all increase the chances of cancer even more.

6. More frequent abdominal surgery

If a person had repeated abdominal surgery. So, he does not get a suitable time to heal his stomach organs and immunity. Due to this, the immunity of the stomach becomes weak. This is the reason that colon cancer is seen mostly in men because the figures of surgery for hernia, prostate etc are also higher in men.

7. Not consuming fresh fruits and vegetables

fresh fruits

If fresh fruits and vegetables are not included in the diet, then the body does not get the necessary nutrients and antioxidants. Due to this the general health and immunity of the body decline. Provides a suitable opportunity for very quickly spreading diseases like cancer.

8. low Immunity

Immunity Is the wall Of Protection against every virus and illness in the body. If somehow or because of the bad lifestyle your immunity is low then the risk of getting cancers increases.

9. Weight-related problems

People whose weight is either too much or too low. Then they started to face health problems because their body becomes weak due to imbalance body weight. Especially stomach-related problems are seen more in them. Therefore, the chances of cancer associated with such individuals also increase.

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