Stomach Bloating Reasons

5 Stomach Bloating Reasons According To Ayurveda

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According to Ayurveda stomach bloating reasons are associated with increased Vata and pitta dosha in the body. Vata and pitta are responsible for imbalance acid formation and disturbed digestion. There are many actions that cause Vata and pitta dosh increased. let’s talk about some reasons. After knowing these we can prevent gas formation in the stomach.


wrong diet

Abdominal air is seen as one of the most common problems in abdominal diseases. The digestion system needs some extra space for completing the digestion process. But Eating more then demand of body , fill the somach fully and normal digestion process become disturbed. This make body to release more gas and become stomach bloating reasons .

Incompatible Food Combination : stomach bloating reasons

incompatible food

In Ayurveda there are many rules of combining foods together. Ayurveda clearly Quoted that some food with each other are not good for health. If this type of incompatible food would be taken together the digestion system will be disturbed and the person could face gas, constipation, and other major problems.

  Not enough body activity

yoga and gastric stomach

A still or inactive body is an invitation for many diseases one of the reasons among stomach bloating reasons. The gas is the first one. The body gets its energy from the food and sun. The body needs activeness for proper work of metabolism. Ayurveda says the body needs ‘Agni(fire)’ to digest food and exercise and yoga generates that ‘fire’. without that digestive fire body encounter not on Gas but constipation and other problems too.

 Mental anxiety or stress : stomach bloating reasons


Living a sterssfull life can also lead to gas problem! Anxiety or stress-full life has been described as the home of diseases in Ayurveda too. Stress /depression triggers brain to imbalance the hormonal discharge in body that destroy the normal behaviour of digestion system in body.

Not having breakfast in the morning or staying empty stomach for a long time

food and ayurveda

People who do not take breakfast in the morning or stay empty stomach for a long time have to face the problem of gas. Having an empty stomach for a long time starts abnormality in digestion system.


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