9 Reasons for Ovarian Cancer

9 Reasons for Ovarian Cancer : Every Woman Should Know

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Reasons for ovarian cancer, Ovarian cancer is such a cancer that is also very difficult to track. Although like every cancer, its causes are also related to the lifestyle in some way or the other. But it is slightly different from the causes of other cancers. Let’s read a little in detail on the reasons for Ovarian Cancer.

1. Fertility Drugs and Hormone Treatment: Reasons for ovarian cancer

infertility drugs and cancer

If due to any problem like for holding pregnancy or sex-change surgery. If any woman goes through a high level of hormone treatment like estrogen! Then there can be a risk of cancer in the ovaries. Because the chemicals of these hormones affect your full ovary health in the long run. Not only this, recent reports also claim that if a woman undergoes such treatment and gives birth to a child, then that child also has a higher risk of cancer in the future.

2. Obesity: Reasons for ovarian cancer

weight loss

Women whose weight is too much had a higher risk of ovarian cancer. They started to face health problems because their body becomes weak due to an imbalance body weight. Therefore, the chances of cancer in such individuals also increase.

3. Family History: Reasons for ovarian cancer


If a woman has a history of ovarian cancer in the family-like Mother or Mothers’s mother. Then the risk of ovarian cancer is higher in that woman too.

4. History of other cancer: Reasons for ovarian cancer

If a woman is treated for another type of cancer then her body status is not good. Her immunity system becomes low, body parts start working low, weakness, digestion problems, and easy virus attacks are normal for them. These situations make their body more vulnerable to other types of cancers.

5. If the woman never gives birth: Reasons for ovarian cancer


If a woman gives birth to a child after 35 years or never gives birth to a child in full life. Then the chances of ovarian cancer in such a woman are high. This is because their ovaries do not perform their special function even once. So that the tissues inside it remain in-active and cannot be cleaned.

6. low Immunity: Reasons for ovarian cancer

Immunity Is the wall Of Protection against every virus and illness in the body. If somehow or because of the bad lifestyle your immunity is low then the risk of getting cancers increases.

7. In Active Lifestyle

People who are lazier and spend most of their time either sitting or lying down. Their normal body activity decreases, blood circulation decreases, new body cells are made less, organs do their normal work less etc. Due to the immunity of every part of their body also decreases, obesity starts to increase in the body of such people.

8. Abnormal Period Age

If a woman has started her period before the age of 12 or if menstruation stops after the age of 55, then the chances of ovarian cancer in such women are more.

9. Smoking

The most common cause of cancer is the habit of smoking. Smoking fills the lungs with polluted fumes. Due to this gradually the overall health starts falling. In such a situation, that smoke helps the Cancer responsible cells to develop. Once the normal body cells are damaged and the tumors in them start to become. They begin to behave abnormally and their immunity also declines.

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