7 Reasons of Skin Cancer

9 Reasons of Skin Cancer : You Need to Know Now

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Reasons of skin cancer, Any cancer in the body is caused by an abnormal growth of cells, that are damaged and infected. Slowly the body’s immunity loses its ability to eliminate these cells. Even in the case of skin cancer, when there is an abnormal growth of infected cells on the skin and they gradually take the form of cancer cells, then cancer occurs. It has been seen that it is more in people whose skin color is fair. Let’s know the main reasons responsible for the occurrence of skin cancer.

1. Hole in the Ozone Layer: Reasons of skin cancer

ozone layer and cancer

Due to the more use of modern equipment and pollution, the hole in the ozone layer is increasing continuously. Due to this the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which are not good for our skin are coming on the earth. Over time, their radiation is continuously increasing on the earth. Which is a major cause of increasing skin cancer.

2. Excessive exposure to the sun: Reasons of skin cancer

under sun

If a person keeps the skin exposed to the sun for many years continuously. Then the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun harm the skin. People whose skin color is more white, this sun exposure has more effect on them and their chances of getting cancer increase more.

3. Cosmetics containing harmful chemicals: Reasons of skin cancer

cream on face

Cosmetics are very much in trend these days. Many companies are selling cosmetics in the market. Most of them use substandard and extremely harmful. The use of such cosmetics for a long time increases the risk of skin cancer. Every day such reports are published in newspapers with a list of chemicals.

4. Use of Tanning Machines: Reasons of skin cancer

skin cancer

In western countries, where people are usually fair in complexion, there is a trend of tanning their skin. Tanning is done through artificial machines through radiation. Even if the person comes in high exposure to these machines, the chances of skin cancer increase.

5. Tattoos with bad chemical Colors: Reasons of skin cancer

The trend of tattoos is also in full swing, due to which you can also find local tattoo makers in almost every street. but they usually have poor quality colors and tools. The tattoos are made with the use of these on the skin is very dangerous and can even cause cancer. So if you want to get a tattoo done then you should go to a reputable and good tattoo maker.

6. Poor immunity: Reasons of Skin Cancer

If the immunity of a person’s body is very poor. If he often keeps falling ill, then he is more prone to cancer. That is why diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer people have the risk of getting other types of cancers high. Boosting your immunity should be the first step if you want to avoid cancer.

7. X-rays: Reasons of Skin Cancer

X-rays are very dangerous for the body and the part of the body on which the X-rays expose, there always is a risk of cancer.

8. Work in chemical factories

Persons and employees who continuously work in such factories where chemicals are used or a product is made using chemicals. Working in such a place for a long time can become responsible for their cancer. Working in chemical factories keeps the risk of not only skin cancer but also cancer of other parts of the body.

9. Excessive use of hand sanitizer

The Corona period has seen excessive use of hand sanitizers. And there have also been many scientific reports on this that continuous use of hand sanitizer for a long time reduces the immunity of your skin and makes it dry. Due to this the risk of skin cancer increases. Individuals are using hand sanitizer at least 25 times per day. which is extremely dangerous. It is better that you wash your hands either with soap or at least with empty water.

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