7 Yoga Poses to Reduce Bloating and Acidity

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7 yoga poses to reduce bloating and acidity

Yoga is an important part of the ancient Indian ‘SANKHYA’ knowledge. In the original texts related to yoga, yoga has been considered essential for mental and physical health. It has the ability to keep every part of the body young and as new. Yoga Develops physical immunity against almost every disease in the body. Even if you have got any disease in the body, then by doing yoga asanas related to it, you can get control over those problems. Let’s discuss some such Yogasanas which have the ability to eliminate your everyday bloating, gas and acidity problems.

1. Child Pose/ Balasana: yoga poses to reduce bloating and acidity

Child Pose/ Balasana

In the posture of Balasan, the pressure on the abdominal muscles increases the capacity of the organs related to the digestive system. Apart from this, your stomach is pressed in this posture. Due to this even if there is any gas in the stomach, it comes out either through a fart or through a burp.

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2. Seat Forward Band/ Ashtangasana: yoga poses to reduce bloating and acidity

Seat Forward Band/ Ashtangasana

In this yoga posture, the working capacity of the entire digestive system increases and the related organs become strong. This position creates a physical pressure on each of your organs which are related to digestion and increases their flexibility.

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3. Standing Forward Band/ Uttanasana: yoga poses to reduce bloating and acidity

Forward Band

With this yoga posture, your acidity and heartburn problem will start to decrease very positively. This Yogasana use gravity in a Very scientific way.

4. Pawanmuktasana: yoga poses to reduce bloating and acidity


From the name itself, it introduces its specialty. In this posture, when you connect both your nostrils to knees. Then this mudra strengthens the organs of your entire digestive system. If there is an excess of any kind of vata in them, then it will pass through immediately with this asana. In the long term it strengthens your digestive system.

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5. Upward Dog and Downward Dog

Upward Dog and Downward Dog

In this yoga posture, the capacity of your liver, kidney and intestine increases. And if there is any disorder in them, then gradually that disorder ends with regular practice of this yogasana.

6. warrior pose/ Virbhadrasana

warrior pose/ Virbhadrasana

This yoga posture increases the flexibility not only of your digestive system but of the entire body. It removes toxins from the organs of the digestive system and flew new energy .

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