Why Heartburn Problem in Pregnancy

How to lower heartburn in pregnancy

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How to lower heartburn in pregnancy ,

Heartburn is a very common problem in pregnancy. Which bothers a lot in the first trimester. Usually, this problem increases a bit after the first 3 months. But for anyone, it could last for all 9 months. Let’s know some ways that can reduce his problem.

Pay attention to your food : How to lower heartburn in pregnancy

How to lower heartburn in pregnancy ,

It is important to note that you should eat such food which is very light, easily digested, has more nutrition and does not create gas.

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Take Small Meals: How to lower heartburn in pregnancy


Try not to eat too much in a single meal, because already your whole digestive system is shifted upwards. If you try to eat too much in a single meal then there would be not enough space in your stomach to digest it and it can lead to heartburn . So try to eat small meals in six to seven times a day.

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Eat after having Seat: How to lower heartburn in pregnancy

Although this is a general rule for everyone, a pregnant woman should follow it very strictly. Food should always be eaten sitting down so that the food moves through the digestive system properly. And it becomes easy to digest.

Do not lie down immediately after eating and walk around 200 steps

Pregnant women generally feel very tired and when they have eaten food, then they want to lying down mostly. But it should not be done, by doing this the digestion process will be disrupted. Gas will be formed and there will be a problem of acid reflux. Try to walk slowly 100 to 200 steps after eating food so that the food reaches your system.

Do not eat food just before bedtime: How to lower heartburn in pregnancy

Although it is mentioned in Ayurveda for everyone that food should not be eaten just before bedtime. But a pregnant woman should strictly follow this. Because if she does not do this, then her reflex and heartburn problem will increase a lot and food Will not be easily digested.

No smoking -no alcohol


Both smoking and alcohol are very bad for a pregnant woman. Not only for the woman’s own health but also for the health of the unborn child. Problems related to the digestive system are only a very small part of the side effects caused by both of these habits.

Sleep with a pillow

Try, whenever you sleep, sleep with a pillow under the head or keep the head slightly above the rest of the body so that your acid does not come up too quickly. By using a pillow, you can reduce acid reflux and heartburn a little by using the ‘law of gravity’.

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