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7 Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

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7 yoga Aasan for balance hormones in body

Yoga asana balances in every chemical that runs the body. Yogasanas are especially good for the secretion of hormones and the health of the glands associated with them, if someone already has hormone-related diseases like PCOS, PCOD. So by doing some special yogasanas mentioned here, these problems can easily normalize. The only condition is that you have to make them as an important part of your life.

1. Goddess pose/ uttkatkonasana: Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

Goddess pose/ uttkatkonasana

In this yoga posture, the muscles and hormones associated with your genitals activate, get flexibility, their efficiency increases. When you make these Yogasana a part of your daily life, you will get healed PCOD, PCOS and period problems.

2. Bound Angle Pose/ Supt Baddhakonasana: Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

Bound Angle Pose/ Supt Baddhakonasana

In this posture, there is pressure on the inner thighs, hips pelvis, entire womb muscles and glands associated with them. The flexibility increases and strength too. The flow of blood in all these organs increases, that’s why doshas related to these areas started to be balanced.

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3. Upavistha Konasana: Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

Upavistha Konasana

In this yoga posture, an attempt is made to hold the legs with both hands by raising the legs according to the ability. In this mudra the muscles of the arms and legs open up. The circulation of blood increases in the inner thigh and the organs connected with the womb. The right amount of pressure is exerted on the back of the neck, due to which the glands are activated there. It activates hormones and glands.

4. Anjani Asana: Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

Anjani Asana

Anjani Asana is also sometimes known as Hanuman Asana. The major pressure exerted in this yoga posture falls on the muscles attached to the womb, thighs, and hips. Thus, all these organs become strong and this asana increases their working capacity.

5. Supta Vajrasana: Yoga Aasan for Balance Hormones in Body

Supta Vajrasana

In this yoga posture, there is an effect of blood in the genitals and the amount of oxygen increases in the blood present in these areas.

6. Forward Band

Forward Band

In this yoga posture, the organs connected with your digestive system and genitals are pressed according to the capacity. Due to this the muscles of these organs start to stimulate and more active.

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7. Triangle Pose

This Asana is the easiest yoga pose among all these poses. It not only opens your lungs but also activates the cells and muscles of the vagina and increases blood circulation there.

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