Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

7 Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain ,

Yoga is an important part of the ancient Indian ‘SANKHYA’ knowledge. In the original texts related to yoga, yoga has been considered essential for mental and physical health. It has the ability to keep every part of the body young and as new. Yoga Develops physical immunity against almost every disease in the body. Even if you have got any disease in the body, then by doing yoga asanas related to it, you can get control over those problems. Let’s discuss some such Yogasanas which have the ability to Reduce Back Pain problems.

Balasana: Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain


Balasan comes under the easy yoga posture. It increases the flexibility of the back part of the waist and relieves any strain on them.

Ardha Chandrasana: Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

Under Ardha Chandrasana, the flexibility of both sides of the waist increases through regular practice. The muscles located in the back get stronger. Slowly it relieves you from back pain.

Standing Forward Band/ Uttanaasana: Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

Forward Band

Although this yoga posture stretches your entire body but especially increases the flexibility of the backbone and muscles. It is very beneficial in your lower back pain.

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Pawanmuktasana: Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain


It has a great effect on your back. This posture helps in relieving any strain that may have occurred there. Doing it consistently over time, it gradually strengthens the muscles and bones of your lower back.

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Cat and Cow Pose/ Marjariasana: Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

Cat and Cow Pose/ Marjariasana

Under these two yoga postures also your back muscles are strengthened. Any pain in the waist is a result of muscle stiffness and low flexibility. Cat and Cow pose helps to make the entire waist flexible.

Hanumanasana or Ardha Hanumanasana

hanumanasana or anjaniasana

Hanumanasana is beneficial for the health of your lower back to the back bone of the neck. It helps in maintaining the correct position of the spine. Apart from this, it also strengthens the muscles supporting the spine.

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