Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

7 Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

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7 Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

Yoga is an important part of the ancient Indian ‘SANKHYA’ knowledge. In the original texts related to yoga, yoga has been considered essential for mental and physical health. It has the ability to keep every part of the body young and as new. Yoga Develops physical immunity against almost every disease in the body. Even if you have got any disease in the body, then by doing yoga asanas related to it, you can get control over those problems. Let’s discuss some such Yogasanas which have the ability to increase Hip Flexibility.

1. Butterfly pose: Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

Butterfly pose

The inner muscles are Stretched By doing this yoga posture. This Yogasana made a positive effect on the inner part of your hips. This yoga asana increases the flexibility of the muscles of the inner parts, hips and strengthens the bones.

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2. Malasana: Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility


Malasana also contributes to opening your hips. This means the pose makes pressure on your inner thigh. That makes it more flexible. If you have the problem of constipation or the problem of bowel movement, then it shows a lot of positive effects in that too.

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3. Happy Baby Pose: Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

Happy Baby Pose

This pose also makes your inner thigh and hips more strong and more flexible. It also opens up the muscles and nerves located from the inner thigh to the feet.

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4. Pigeon Pose/ Aik pada Rajakapotasana: Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

Pigeon Pose/ Aik pada Rajakapotasana

This yoga pose makes your external thigh flexible and strengthens the muscles. Apart from this, it also activates the muscles coming from the thigh to the stomach.

5. low and crescent lunge/ Ardhachandraakar asana.

hanumanasana or anjaniasana

It stretches the entire muscles coming from your toes to the feet. Makes them flexible and strong. Apart from this, it also improves the whole blood circulation of the body, bones strength from the hips to the lower back.

6. camel pose/ Ushtraasana: Yoga Poses for Hip Flexibility

camel pose/ Ushtraasana

The category of this yogasana comes at the slightly higher level. This means the people who have been doing yoga continuously, whose body has already developed flexibility can do it. Try it and do not do pressured on your body in the beginning of your Yoga journey. In this yoga posture, your whole backbone is effected positively. The muscles and bones related to them become more flexible and this also brings your hips in an upward position.

7. Dancers Pose/ Nataraja Asana

Dancers Pose/ Nataraja Asana

This yoga pose opens up the body. This is the yoga mudra, that engage from the feet to the hands. It increases blood circulation to the whole body, and secretes positive energy. It opens both the inner and outer parts of the hips. Apart from this, it also opens the chest and strengthens the lungs.

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