What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

7 What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

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7 What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

In Ulcerative colitis, the problem of ulcer started to appear inside the large intestine. Were wounds or rashes emerge on the inner lining of the large intestine. Modern science has not yet been able to discover the exact reasons for this. But the responsibility of disease in any organ is associated with Lifestyle. Ayurveda considers the lifestyle related to your food , mindfulness, mental peace and daily activities. If you are suffering from this problem then here are some such precautions that you should take, those increase the Ulcerative colitis problem.

Overly spicy, salty, spicy food: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

garam masala

You should avoid eating excessively salty and spicy food because when this type of food goes to your large intestine, then wounds and ulcers are get increase and the pain also does increase.

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Readymade packaged food or processed food: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

wrong diet

In Readymade packaged food, Nutrition is found very less and the amount of food chemicals and preservatives are very high. This food is also stale, just trying to saved by adding preservatives. If you eat such food in an already injured colitis situation, then it makes your condition worse and even makes it prone to cancer.

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Pickle food: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

The number of spices, salt and probiotics are found very high in the pickle foods. By eating it, the normal chemical state of the large intestine gets worse. And this is can increase your problems even more.

Overeating citrus fruits: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

fresh fruits

You should not eat too many citrus fruits in this type of condition. Because the citrus fruit increases the sensitivity and pain of the injured colitis.

Dry Fruits: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis


Dry fruits are heavy to digest and are hot in nature. In such a state, your entire digestive system is affected, this problem increases the problem of gas, bloating, constipation, loose motion and stomach pain. In such a state if you consume food of ‘guru’ nature, then it will affect your digestion. Could make the situation worse.

Hot spices: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

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Hot spices increase pitta and heat in the body and also heat up the digestive system. It can increase the speed of chemical reactions taking place in the stomach. Therefore in such a system when you already have ulcer in your stomach. So eating hot spices should be avoided.

Soda drink: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

Soda Drinks has a lot of preservatives, artificial sugar, and chemicals which are very harmful for the body in even normal condition. If you drink soda drink or carbonated drinks in the situation of ulcer, then it increases this condition even more.

Bonus – tea or coffee: What Not to Do in Ulcerative colitis

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You should also avoid drinking tea or coffee because tea or coffee heats the stomach and increases the problems associated with it.

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