5 Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda

5 Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda

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Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda, The development over time in the discipline and practice of the Ayurveda has answered to why a dreadful disease like cancer is a gift of modernity. Its original roots are associated with modern lifestyle and food. If care is taken by keeping these things in mind and some changes are made in your lifestyle and diet. Then diseases like cancer can be prevented. Here we will discuss the reasons responsible for cancer. It is necessary to know here that the root cause of cancer is an excess of unnatural chemical microparticles in the human body.

1. Processed Food: Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda

wrong diet

First of all, the most responsible reason which is in our lifestyle is the excess of processed food. This type of food goes through many processes, which eliminate the original nutrition of food and add excess chemicals to it. Due to this, it becomes harmful instead of beneficial for the body.

2. Bottled Cold Drinks and Water: Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda

At present, the market of bottled cold drinks and water is flourishing in a big way. And people are also adopting them very easily in their lives. Bottled cold drinks and water are mostly packaged inside a plastic bottle. Due to this, there is an abundance of plastic microparticles in it. If you drink them in excessive quantity then it can be the cancer cause.

3. A.C at all times: Reasons for Cancer According to Ayurveda

A C room and cancer

If the maximum time of your daily routine passes inside the AC rooms. Then you should be careful because there is an excess of microparticles in such air too that causes cancer. That is why in your lifestyle, you should try to spend less time as possible in such closed rooms. You should start to take time for fresh air too.

4. Distance from Panchmahabhutas

Panchamahabhutas in Ayurveda are five basic elements – fire, water, air, earth, and sky. The root cause of life and the living entity are these five basic elements. If the body starts making distance from these Panchamahabhutas. Then the body starts moving towards the door of health and terrible diseases. Therefore, if you want to get away from diseases like cancer. Then you should try to make your life as close as possible to these Panchmahabhutas and nature.

5. Falling Immunity

blood infection

The habit and job of sitting in front of laptops or mobile have declined body immunity. Because the physical activities of the people have decreased. Due to this less blood circulation in the body, the formation of new body cells decreases, and the immunity also falls. In such a decreased immunity, the cancers involved in the modern lifestyle act more quickly.

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