Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

7 Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

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7 lifestyle related reasons of heart attack in youth

You probably don’t think of a heart attack as the kind of thing that could happen without you even knowing it that it’s coming, right? But it can. It’s called a silent heart attack. It can happen to anyone. You might not feel anything unhealthy at all or it could feel mild, like heartburn or odd ache/pain. It might seem so minor that you just shrug it off & think it’s just part of getting older. But a heart attack is serious business, whether you have symptoms or not. Not just silent heart attack but it comes with some other illnesses and diseases. Let’s know some health conditions which make heart health weak.

1. Chronic Kidney disorders: Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth


Each kidney is made up of millions of tiny filters called nephrons. Over time, high blood sugar from diabetes can damage blood vessels in the kidneys as well as nephrons so they don’t work as well as they should. That leads to high creatinine. Many people with diabetes also develop high blood pressure, which can damage kidneys too.
A creatinine test is a measure of how well your kidneys are performing their job of filtering waste from your blood. Healthy kidneys filter creatinine out of the blood. Creatinine exits your body as a waste product in urine.

2. Chronic acidity problem: Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

If the problem of acidity persists for a long time, then this gas gradually starts becoming a part of the blood. The heart does the work of filtering the blood and gradually the high acidity affected by the heart for a long time. If it persists, it is also dangerous for the health of the heart.

3. Access Protein Intake: Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

excess protein

Everyone should be careful if they are including more protein in their diet. Because it can also give you the problem of the heart attack. Because excessive protein also increases acidity by affecting the absorption of excess water, oxygen, and good fat from the body. All these factors together affects heart health.

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4. Long-term blood infection: Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

blood infection

If the body has some kind of blood infection. If you are ignoring it because of low fever symptoms, then within a month it can break the overall body health and especially of the heart. It can be responsible for heart attack by completely affecting the function of the heart. . Although fever is its biggest symptom in blood infection, but quite often fever is not noticed as it is less than 100 F. So there can be possibilities of such a situation.

5. Too much caffeine in the long run: Lifestyle Related Reasons of Heart Attack in Youth

When you should not drink coffee

If you are consuming caffeine in excess amount, for example continuously from four-five years. Then it gradually affects your digestive system, affects your kidney, blood, liver, digestive system and heart health. If you do not improve this in the coming 4-5 years, then you remain at risk of the heart attack.

6. Alcohol with heavy exercises

If you do heavy exercises in the gym and you also consume a high amount of alcohol in your daily life. Then you should be careful because regular and excessive consumption with heavy workouts puts you at very risk of a heart attack.

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