Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically

7 Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically

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7 Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically
Gout is a disease in where pain feels in the joints of the hands and feet or any joint of the body. This pain gets worse after eating certain types of foods and lifestyles. Let’s know what the reasons related to our lifestyle which gives rise to and increases the disease of arthritis. Gout (elevated uric acid levels) is the new normal these days. I see people popping pills for it every single day (just as for blood pressure & diabetes). If you or somebody in your family have this problem, then let me tell you that there are certain Ayurvedic ways to control that.

1. Exercise every single day: Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically

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Exercise activates almost every part of the body. So it also activates the full muscles and veins system. This helps increase the workability of body functioning. This also helps in flushing out the toxic elements from the body. That all decrease the body pain and swelling.

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2. Drink enough water: Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically


Every human being should drink at least 6 to 7 liters of water a day to keep his body fit, hybridize properly, and to keep the body detoxified. If you do this, then every part of your body gets washed from the inside, and you can avoid the problem of Gout.

3. Don’t consume lentils/beans and wheat for dinner

Try to eat light this or any type of heavy protein in a fixed and limited amount. Absolutely avoid consuming them during the night, by doing this your body will be engaged in digesting more food and more resources will be used due to which the body can be dehydrated and gout problems will increase.

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4. Try to have an early & light dinner (before 8 pm): Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically


According to Ayurveda, everyone should have their food by 8:00 pm. But when you eat dinner after and just before sleeping, it can cause the birth of many types of diseases in the body. Because the body is not able to save or absorb food properly during night. This increase toxic elements in the body. All these things increase joint pain in the body. Try to eat before 8:00 pm

5. Manage your stress (stress reduces metabolism): Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically

Avoid overthinking in routine This will help you avoid stress, Depression and Anxiety .

6. Consume sour fruits like amla, and berries: Ways to Control Gout Disease Ayurvedically

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Start taking citrus fruits in a certain quantity. Although your Gout problem may increase by eating amla and berry. But with spending time and starting with a small quantity gradually this will decrease your gout inflammation problem..

7. Eat at a regular time and Sleep at a regular time

By doing this your body will remain healthy and this will make your body more healthy. Elimination of body fatigue is very important for its proper functioning. This will happen only by sleeping at the right time and taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

8. (bonus) Have sound sleep every night (sleeping better helps improve your digestion & assimilation)

When your sleeping and eating time is not fixed then your body’s natural cycle is disturbed. And to keep the body healthy, a certain schedule is necessary.

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