Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

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Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda, Protein is very important for the health and development of the body. But this is if eaten in more quantity then it proves to be equally harmful to the body. At present, the high protein promoted by the gym industry is making many people ill. Its excessive quantity causes many diseases in the body and the healthy body appears to be also becoming home to diseases from inside. At present, it is very important to keep awareness about the disadvantages of excess protein. Let’s know that after all, when protein is eaten in excess quantity, then what the problems and diseases it gives to the body.

Slows down digestion: Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

Increase Digestion

When the amount of protein you get in your food is more than what you need. Then it is the digestion process or digestion of food is done very slowly by the body. Due to this, your stomach feels full. Then you started to feel no appetite and a heavy stomach. This is because protein itself is quite heavy and it takes a long time to digest.

Gas Problems: Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

gas problem

An excess amount of protein creates gas in the stomach because protein is heavy and takes time to digest. By eating more protein, many times so much gas is formed. And then gradually the amount of gas in the blood increases and which has a negative effect on overall health.

Heart Health: Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

Because it increases the amount of gas in the blood, so when the blood is used by the heart. It disrupts the functioning of the heart. This is the reason that the cases of attack and heart stroke are being seen more in the youth who go to the gym. Therefore, eating protein only in a limited amount is right for health.

Increases Blood Pressure: Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda


By eating more protein, because gas is formed in the body, the digestion process becomes slow, the level of gas in the blood increases and it puts pressure on the hot, so all these together increase the blood pressure and you start feeling nervous, restlessness, sweating more. become. So in this way the disease which was in your body or not, it starts arising due to eating more protein only.

Raising Sugar Levels: Excess Protein Side Effects in Ayurveda

Because too much protein hinders your digestion process. That’s why slowly the process of taking proper absorption of nutrients and glucose from food is also hindered by the body. The body also starts getting imbalanced in the proper digestion of glucose. Due to this the sugar level starts to increase with the time.

Effects on Kidneys

Consuming extra protein also increases the amount of protein inside the blood and its effect is seen on the kidneys. The kidney stops working.


Protein use more of the body’s hydration in its digestion process. When you increase the amount of protein, then your body’s water also gradually starts decreasing. Whose direct effect is seen on the kidney. In such a state, thirst is felt more and its effect is also seen on the kidneys in a negative way.

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