7 Basic Reasons of Cervical Cancer

7 Basic Reasons of Cervical Cancer : You Should Know Today

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Reasons of cervical cancer, Cervical cancer is also called cancer of the mouth of the uterus. It occurs in the entrance of the uterus, under which cancer cells gradually start forming after infection. It is the second leading type of cancer in women in the world. However, if you get it detected in the early stages, then the chances of survival after treatment are high. It occurs in women between the ages of 15 to 55 years. Initial symptoms are itching, burning, white water, light blood spots without periods. At the advanced stage, there are bone pain, back pain, and abdominal pain. Let’s talk about the main causes responsible for cervical cancer.

1. HPV Virus: Reasons of cervical cancer

HPV virus & cancer

The biggest factor in cervical cancer is an infection caused by the HPV virus. If a woman is repeatedly infected with this virus, then it gradually reduces the immunity of the uterus and increases the chances of getting cancer there. This is also responsible for cancer throat – mouth cancer.

2. Having sex with more than one man: Reasons of cervical cancer


If a woman has relations with more than 1 man. Or if the partner of a woman has relationships with many women. In such a situation the HPV virus responsible for cervical cancer spreads more. And the chances of getting infection again and again increase.

3. Taking birth control pills: Reasons of cervical cancer

infertility drugs and cancer

With continuous use of birth control pills for a long time, the uterus loses its normal functioning. Which also has an effect on the uterus’s general immunity. Birth control pills also have a negative effect on the uterus. All these together increase the chances of cervical cancer

4. Medicines to prevent miscarriage: Reasons of cervical cancer

Medicines used to prevent miscarriage contain chemicals that have been proven to be responsible for cervical or uterus cancer. Research on this has been done by many reputed institutions and their results have been on google.

5. A life full of extreme stress: Reasons of cervical cancer


Stress is also largely responsible for cancer. As stress forces the brain to send negative messages to the body that negatively feeds immunity and disrupt the normal activity of the body. If there are possibilities of any disease in any part, then under the condition of stress, that disease gets the suitable opportunity to attack the body.

6. Inactive Lifestyle

People who are lazier and spend most of their time either sitting or lying down. Their normal body activity decreases, blood circulation decreases, new body cells are made less, organs do their normal work less etc. Due to the immunity of every part of their body also decreases, obesity starts to increase in the body of such people. That all increase the chances of cancer even more.

7. Smoking

The most common cause of lung cancer is the habit of smoking. Smoking fills the lungs with polluted fumes. Due to this gradually the health of the lungs starts falling and the lungs work less. In such a situation, that smoke helps the Cancer responsible cells to develop. Once the cells of the lungs are damaged and the tumors in them start to become. They begin to behave abnormally and their immunity also declines.

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