7 Basic Reasons for Lung Cancer

7 Basic Reasons for Lung Cancer : You Must Get To Know Now

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Reasons for lung cancer, Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer and it is affecting people all over the world on a large scale. It accounts for about 15% of the total cancers in the world. If we pay attention to the reasons, then the main reason for this is related to the lifestyle. The main reason for lung cancer is the consumption of harmful Smoke. Under this, the lung cells get affected by smoke and reduce lungs immunity. In such a situation cancer tumor and infection starts. Let’s throw some light on the main reasons responsible for cancer all over the world.

1. Smoking: Reasons for lung cancer


The most common cause of lung cancer is the habit of smoking. Smoking fills the lungs with polluted fumes. Due to this gradually the health of the lungs starts falling and the lungs work less. In such a situation, that smoke helps the Cancer responsible cells to develop. Once the cells of the lungs are damaged and the tumors in them start to become. They begin to behave abnormally and their immunity also declines.

2. Polluted Air: Reasons for lung cancer

cities and pollution

At present, the second major reason is polluted air. Polluted air is becoming more and more normal around us due to the continuous growth of cities. Cities carry with them excessive vehicles, their traffic, factories, and such modern equipment which emits chemical gases. In such polluted air, chemical microparticles such as cadmium, arsenic, chromium, nickel, lead etc. are continuously absorbed by the lungs for a long time. These chemical microparticles cause lung cancer.

3. Work in chemical factories: Reasons for lung cancer


If you are such an employee or laborer in Chemical Factory. where chemical products are made, or chemicals are used in production. Then working in such a place for a long time also accumulates particles of those chemicals in your lungs and this can cause lungs cancer and many more cancer.

4. Working in the Mines: Reasons for lung cancer

mines and cancer

If any worker is worked in any kind of mine for a long time. Then the chances of getting cancer in his lungs also increase. These mines can be of anyone such as coal, gold, diamonds or other resources which are obtained from the depths of the earth. This is because in such mines there is a continuous emission of radon radioactive gas.

5. Constantly staying inside A.C :

A C room and cancer

If you spend 20 hours from 24 hours in a closed room with A.C. Then your lungs are also more likely to have plastic microparticles or such chemical gases which are responsible for lungs cancer.

6. Distance from Panchmahabhutas

Panchamahabhutas in Ayurveda are five basic elements – fire, water, air, earth, and sky. The root cause of life and the living entity are these five basic elements. If the body starts making distance from these Panchamahabhutas. Then the body starts moving towards the door of health and terrible diseases. Therefore, if you want to get away from diseases like cancer. Then you should try to make your life as close as possible to these Panchmahabhutas and nature.

7. Processed Food

First of all, the most responsible reason which is in our lifestyle is the excess of processed food. This type of food goes through many processes, which eliminate the original nutrition of food and add excess chemicals to it. Due to this, it becomes harmful instead of beneficial for the body, and immunity declines.

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