9 Ways to How to Prevent Lung Cancer

9 Ways to How to Prevent Lung Cancer : With Ayurveda Insights

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how to prevent lung cancer, Lung cancer is the most frightening of all cancers. It is affecting people in the world on the biggest scale. Along with this, its most frightening picture is that it mostly could be identified only in its last phase. And one in five people dies of this cancer within 1 month of detection. The survival rate for 1 year is only 10%. These statistics show how frightening lung cancer is. It accounts for some 15% of all types of cancer. After all, what are the causes of lung cancer, along with it it is also necessary to know how lung cancer can be avoided? Let’s look at some such precautions and rules of life with the help of Ayurveda insights..

1. Quit Smoking: how to prevent lung cancer


The most common cause of lung cancer is the habit of smoking. Smoking fills the lungs with polluted fumes. Due to this gradually the health of the lungs starts falling and the lungs work less. In such a situation, that smoke helps the Cancer responsible cells to develop. Once the cells of the lungs are damaged and the tumors in them start to become. They begin to behave abnormally and their immunity also declines.

2. Avoid working in mines for a long time: how to prevent lung cancer

mines and cancer

If any worker is worked in any kind of mine for a long time. Then the chances of getting cancer in his lungs also increase. These mines can be of anyone such as coal, gold, diamonds or other resources which are obtained from the depths of the earth. This is because in such mines there is a continuous emission of radon radioactive gas.

3. Avoiding polluted air / going out wearing a cotton cloth mask

cities and pollution

At present, the second major reason is polluted air. Polluted air is becoming more and more normal around us due to the continuous growth of cities. Cities carry with them excessive vehicles, their traffic, factories, and such modern equipment which emits chemical gases. In such polluted air, chemical microparticles such as cadmium, arsenic, chromium, nickel, lead etc. are continuously absorbed by the lungs for a long time. These chemical microparticles cause lung cancer.
However, at present, it is impossible to escape from modernity and cities because if you have to feed yourself and your family or get the necessary resources and opportunities. Then you cannot run away from cities. That is why you have to find such an option so that you can save yourself from polluted air. For this, you should come out with a cotton Mask put on, so that you can get clean air by filtering the maximum amount of polluted air on that mask.

4. Cleaning the air in and around the house: how to prevent lung cancer

To reduce air pollution, you must make the clean Air as possible around you and inside your house. For this, you should plant trees around your house, plant trees on the balcony, on the terrace of your house and Use indoor plants inside the home. By these, you can increase your chances of getting good air around you to a great extent. And you can protect your lungs from cancer in the long run

5. Yoga to keep the lungs strong and clean

yoga and gastric stomach

To make the lungs strong, it is very important to increase the capacity of the lungs. Yoga plays a very important role, not only this, it also removes the dirt accumulated in your lungs. The microparticles responsible for cancer are also reduced to a minimum amount by yoga practices. Let us know about some such yogasanas:

Hasta padasana

Anulom Vilom

Cow and Cat Pose

Upward Facing Dog Position

Dhanurasana etc.

6. Taking long and deep breaths: how to prevent lung cancer


To avoid lung cancer, it is very important to keep the lungs immunity strong and keep them clean. For this, it is necessary that you improve your breathing and exhalation habits. Most people take short inhales and exhale, which compresses the lungs. You should make a habit of inhaling and exhaling deeply and long to increase the capacity of the lungs.

7. Eating Lung Strengthening Foods: how to prevent lung cancer

It is necessary that you do not eat such food which spoils the health of the lungs. On the contrary, if you want to avoid cancer, then you should eat food that strengthens your lungs. Read here to go for lung-strengthening foods.

8. Reducing the habit of A.C. Closed Rooms : how to prevent lung cancer

A C room and cancer

If you spend 20 hours from 24 hours in a closed room with A.C. Then your lungs are also more likely to have plastic microparticles or such chemical gases which are responsible for lungs cancer.

9. Avoid electronic cigarettes and hookahs

At present, the popularity of electronic cigarettes and hookah has increased a lot. Many scientific researchers have claimed that electronic cigarettes and hookah could give lung cancer. Because these have very dangerous chemicals and flavors, which cause cancerous tissue to grow in the layers of the lungs.

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