7 Reasons for Throat Cancer

7 Reasons for Throat Cancer : You Must Know Today

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Reasons for throat cancer, Any cancer in the body is caused by an abnormal growth of cells. That is damaged and infected. The body’s immunity starts to lose its ability to eliminate these cells. In the case of Throat cancer, when there is an abnormal growth of infected cells on the skin of the throat and they gradually take the form of cancer cells, then cancer occurs. Let’s know the main reasons responsible for the occurrence of throat cancer.

1. Tobacco use: Reasons for throat cancer

Tobacco consumption is considered to be one of the most responsible reasons for oral cancer. There are chemicals in it, which slowly start to damage the cells, and destroy their immunity. Due to this, on the mouth skin gradually- Slowly cancer cells start making. Long-term use of tobacco is responsible not only for cancer of the throat but also for cancer of the lungs, mouth, etc.

2. HPV Infection: Reasons for throat cancer

HPV virus & cancer

HPV virus infection is a vaginal infection. If someone do oral sex to HPV infected person then there are chances of throat cancer to him. Intercourse with the HPV virus affected person may be responsible for throat cancer or oral cancer.

3. Factories and Cement Industry: Reasons for throat cancer


Most types of cancer have been seen in people working in chemical manufacturing factories. In which throat cancer is also prominent. Throat cancer has also been seen in people engaged in the cement manufacturing industry, mainly due to its exposure to asbestos chemical particles.

4. Lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet: Reasons for throat cancer

fresh fruits

If fresh fruits and vegetables are not included in the diet, then the body does not get the necessary nutrients and antioxidants. Due to which the general health and immunity of the body decline. Provides a suitable opportunity for very quickly spreading diseases like cancer.

5. Polluted Air : Reasons for throat cancer

cities and pollution

At present, the second major reason is polluted air. Polluted air is becoming more and more normal around us due to the continuous growth of cities. Cities carry with them excessive vehicles, their traffic, factories, and such modern equipment which emits chemical gases. In such polluted air, chemical microparticles such as cadmium, arsenic, chromium, nickel, lead etc. are continuously absorbed by the lungs for a long time. These chemical microparticles cause lung cancer.

6. Alchohol

People who have been exposed to excessive alcohol consumption, people who drink alcohol almost every day. Their body parts gradually become sick and lose their immunity. So their immunity to cancer is seen as low.

7. Acid Reflux, Over Acidity

If a person has the problem of over-acidity then he may get Throat cancer. This acid comes up to the throat continuously for a long time, it injures the cells of the throat and can start the infection in the throat which can later turn into cancer.

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