7 Causes of Depression and Anxiety

7 Causes of Depression and Anxiety According To Ayurveda

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Depression is a very complex problem. In our changing lifestyle and runaway life, we do not know when we get surrounded by depression! Causes of depression and anxiety are actually hidden in that busy life. When we see depression as a disease or problem, then it becomes a big challenge for us to get rid of depression. Mental in-comfort in Ayurveda is suggested for many reasons. This may be from any disease for a long time, weakness, too much stress, Vata or Pitta defects, etc! Let’s know what are the main causes of depression, clearly and deeply!

causes of depression

Any major change coming in life

changes in hormones

Due to changes in hormones like menopause, childbirth, thyroid problems etc . Hormones could be one of the causes of depression and anxiety. The emotions and feelings in our body majorly depend on the hormonal discharge level. When the levels of the hormone are imbalanced in the body, the feelings also tend to change negatively. 

Change in Weather as causes of depression and anxiety

Many people phase stress or depression in a particular season, especially in winter! For example, many people feel lethargy, fatigue and disinterest in daily activities in winters. It happens because the days become short or with less sunlight. Sunlight is a key factor to create a positive environment. It can happen with someone even when there is a change in the weather at the same time.


 Neurotransmitters in our Brain

Neurotransmitters are also one of the causes of depression and anxiety. It specifically affects the feelings of Serotonin, Dopamine, Pleasure, and Pleasure but in the state of depression. When they become imbalanced due to any health and mental problem, depression can occur in the person.

genetic reasons

If the problem of depression is already running in the family, the possibility of getting it increases in the next generation! The hereditary reasons make people more sensitive towards depression or anxiety. so it is also the one reason for causes of depression and anxiety.

Poverty as Causes of Depression and Anxiety

The situation of poverty also tends a person to fall into tragic life events that give him/her serve mental pain. Due to this, the person surrounds by sorrow, depression and anxiety.

Failure and Struggle

We all must have felt sadness and frustration at some point in our life. failure and struggle are two such aspects that have a huge impact on our life. Due to this a person could go into depression. It is natural for a person to go into depression if he keeps getting more failures even after struggling again and again. But he should be strong to face this.

According to Ayurveda, people suffering from depression must take some time to keep their health better, whether they are young or old, everyone should do yoga, sleep early at night, nutritious  Diet, abstain from alcohol, etc.

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