Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

8 Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

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Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight , In modern times, when most of the tasks are done by sitting on the screen, whether you have to shop, learn, watch TV, calculation, notes or work. This change is giving more pressure on the eyes , due to which the problems of eye pain, stretch and irritation are increasing. The irony is that you cannot go back in time, which means that you cannot leave this ‘screen world’. Then what are the ways that can protect your eyes even after doing all this. So let’s discuss some such tips and lifestyle hacks, that can maintain your eyesight and protect them.

Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight and get you rid of eye disorders:

Rose flower Water: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Rose flower Water

Rose water is cold in nature according to Ayurveda. It gives hydration and eliminates heat from the eyes. When you put organic Rose water, it is not only removes the dirt from the eyes but also cools the eyes and gives them rest. If anything cools the eyes, then indirectly it also protects the eyesight.

Consume Cow Ghee: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

ghee benefits

For the right balanced hydration and lubrication in every part of the body, a certain amount of Ghee is required daily. If your eyes are dry and irritates. Then you should also eat or apply Anjan made of ghee, it reduces dryness and pain in the eyes to a great extent.
Consuming Ghee, Doing Tarpana (Putting Ghee In Eyes) or Nasya (INSTILILIN MENEE GHEE IN Nostrils) with it is wonderful for eye health.

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Triphala: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Triphala, Manjistha & gokshur

In about 95% of diseases, this Triphala is very beneficial and shows its positive effect. It is equally beneficial for the eyes. You can eat or wash your eyes from it.

Here’s how you can use it for eyewash:

Take a teaspoon of Triphala powder and soak it in 1 glass of water overnight.
In the morning, strain it with fine folded 21 times or coffee filter. Make sure no particle of Triphala remains in the water. Once its strained- You can wash your eyes with this water.

Anjana: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight


While Western Science has been describing Anjan as bad. In India knowledge of Ayurveda and the traditional practice of Kajal has been going on from thousands of years and it shows miraculous positive effects. The practice of Kajal starts to be applied from the sixth day of the birth of children and it has great benefit. Many times Kajal is manufactured with different herbs according to the weather and problems. Such as with neem flowers or Ajwain etc., If you have irritation in your eyes, tiredness or dirt comes out. Then you should use Kajal made from Neem flower. All these problems will end from the root. Ayurveda considers Anjana as ‘Drikbalam’ ,which means the one that improves the eyesight.

Walk on green grass: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Walk on green grass

According to the science of reflexology, when we walk, we put maximum pressure on our second and third toe. These two have the maximum nerve endings, which stimulate the functioning of your eyes & improve vision. If you walk on the green grass, the green grass coolness reaches to the eyes through the veins of feet and eyes feels relaxed.

Exercises and Yoga: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

The physical yoga postures that have been told inside yoga shastra, have been made in such a way that the exercise of the eyes exercises done itself. For example, as you are doing cobra pose, when you take your head back with the waist in the cobra post, you have to look back from your eyes, then it causes your eyes to do exercise!! In every yogasan, every corner of your eyes gets exercised. If you are very lazy and cannot do yoga, then you must do four-five exercises related to the eyes. The simple techniques like looking sideways, up & down, and rotating eyes in clockwise & anti-lockWise are the best.

Trataka : Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Trataka basically means to gaze a particular object (EG, Sun, Lamp, ETC) from a distance (Near/Far). It strengthens eye-muscles, Improves Vision & Even Memory. For the health of the eyes, you should try to look sharply as far as possible you can from the eyes, it increases the capacity of the eyes.

Meditation: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Meditation Helps You Calm Down and Balance Pitta in Body. Balanced Pitta Helps You Prevent Redness, Burning of Eyes, etc. It also helps you have a good sleep & relaxed state of mind.

Enable Blue Light Filter: Ways to Ayurvedically Increase Eyesight

Enable blue light filter on Your Screens Because in the present time, you cannot fully run from screen time. But you can simply use filter and blue light glasses properly.

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