How to Get Rid of Cough Ayurvedically

How to Get Rid of Cough Ayurvedically

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How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

Cough is a common but such disease which, if not taken care of, can also become very serious. That is why if you are in the initial stage of coughing, then you should try some Ayurvedic methods. According to Ayurveda, the problem related to cough occurs when the Kapha dosha increases in your body due to any reason. Here are some remedies and food that balance the kapha dosha and reasons for cough.

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1. Amla (Indian Gooseberry): How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

Amla juice

   Amla contains food chemicals that are very beneficial for curing cough. It has the ability to root out the bacteria and viruses responsible for the cough. That is why whenever you have a cough, especially in winters. Amla is very easily available and beneficial, you should try to eat one to two gooseberries a day.

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2. Ginger and Basil (Tulsi) Tea: How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

basil tea

Ginger and Tulsi tea are also very beneficial in cough. Because Tulsi also eliminates the bacteria responsible for cough in itself, when tea is made with ginger, its effect increases.

3. Milk with dry ginger: How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

How to Get Rid of Cough Ayurvedically

You can drink warm milk with crushed ginger in it and drink it before sleeping at night. By drinking this, your cough, whether it is allergic or by phlegm, will be seen as relief. Ginger Contains chemicals that benefit cough.

4. Garlic: How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

  Garlic is also very beneficial for cough. It also contains special chemicals found inside it, which help in eliminating the roots of cough. For this, you should eat garlic after roasting it in ghee. Take special care of the quantity.

5. Ginger, Black Pepper and Honey

  If there is wet cough which means cough with sputum then this remedy is extremely beneficial. Because black pepper helps in loosening the mucus.

6. Carrots

  Carrots are a great remedy for cough. Especially in a cough that occurs in winters because of the season. At that season carrots are very easily available in the market. It gives immunity to the body against cough.

Precautions: How to get rid of cough Ayurvedically

1. If you do not see any difference even after doing some of these remedies, then you should see a doctor. Because all these remedies are fine for mild cough. But if you have a major cough, then you need special treatment for that.

2. Do not try to cure the cough of children under 5 years old with all these remedies. Consult a pediatrician.

3. Do not consume these in excessive quantity as it can increase your Pitta and body heat.

4. Just try it for 2 to 3 days, if there is no difference, then consult a doctor.

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