Ayurvedic Drinks For Good Gut Health

7 Ayurvedic Drinks For Good Gut Health

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7 ayurvedic drinks for good gut health

Addressing the root cause & working towards eliminating it is Ayurveda’s way of treating disease. Ayurveda believes poor gut health to be the root cause behind most diseases be it physical or psychological. Sometimes gut issues that we suffer from could just be temporary due to seasonal change, traveling, stress from work, etc & during that time- its always best to resort to kitchen/home remedies rather than pills. Why? Because once if you get into the habit of popping pills for small issues- it could actually damage your gut health over a period of time. So try avoiding antacids, analgesics & other meds when you have temporary issues instead give these kitchen remedies a try & you never know- you might just fall in love with these remedies & taking care of your gut.

Indigestion (for all digestive issues): ayurvedic drinks for good gut health


CCF Tea (Cumin, Coriander, Fennel) works fine for all gut issues. Coriander cumin and Song three are cold in nature according to Ayurveda. This method pacifies the heat being formed in the stomach. Coriander, cumin and fennel all three, speed up the digestion process and make the digestion of food easier.

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Bloating- Ajwain, Cumin, Fennel: ayurvedic drinks for good gut health

Increase Digestion

(Mix all these spices 1 tsp each, boil it & sip on that herbal tea). If your stomach is bloating, herbal tea made from carom seeds and sounf is very beneficial. Cumin and fennel are cold in nature according to Ayurveda, but celery/ajwain is hot in nature. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal property inside these helps to eliminate any type of infection in the stomach and if bloating is happening due to infection, then it is very beneficial.

Constipation- Methi seeds: ayurvedic drinks for good gut health

 Hard stool constipation

(soak 1 tsp overnight & have them next morning) or Have a glass of Milk with ghee or castor oil at bedtime. (Remember methi is hot so not recommended for people with heat issues). Fenugreek seeds are helpful in removing the problem of constipation as it activates the bacteria found in the large intestine and also activate the muscles of the large intestine from inside. It makes it easier to pass motions.

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Acidity- Fennel, Coriander : ayurvedic drinks for good gut health

(Have fennel & coriander tea together or any one of them- works just fine for acidity). If there is a problem of acidity, then tea made from fennel and coriander is very beneficial in it. Apart from this, because it has a cold effect, it also reduces the negative effect on the heart due to acidity.

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Nausea-Ginger tea, and mint tea: ayurvedic drinks for good gut health

(sip on any of them) has been used to ease vomiting, especially if the root cause of this is indigestion. Then you should drink tea made from ginger and mint. Ginger reduces the problem related to your digestion and the mint makes your stomach light.

Headache- Mint tea, Ajwain tea (both teas work fine- have whatever suits you).

Due to poor gut health, if you are facing the problem of headaches quite often. Then this headache is due to excess gas in the stomach, For this, you should take tea of Mint tea and Ajwain. They both reduce stomach gas and make the digestion process faster.

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