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How to treat constipation ayurvedically: 7 Ways

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How to treat constipation ayurvedically

Ghee: How to treat constipation ayurvedically

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Ghee is the most common home remedy to get a solution to the problem of constipation. Ghee can comfortably be taken as putting two to three spoons in daily food. The lubrication inside the ghee acts as lubrication in the large intestine and helps in passing stool. Apart from this, it makes the entire digestive system healthy and helps to eliminate the root cause of constipation.

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Black Raisins(munakka) and Milk: How to treat constipation ayurvedically

According to Ayurveda, munakka has such food chemicals that make it easier for stool to pass out of the body. For its best effect, it should be taken with some warm milk before sleeping. It reduces constipation and the combination of these two also has the ability to eliminate constipation from the root.

Isabgol Bussi: How to treat constipation ayurvedically

Isabgol Bussi Contains a good amount of soluble fiber. This type of fiber plays a big role in getting the stool out easily. Apart from this, Isabgol also normalizes your digestion process .

Banana: How to treat constipation ayurvedically

banana in constipation

Banana also contains a good amount of soluble fiber and good carbohydrates. Apart from this, the sticky substance present in banana also plays a very good role in the diagnosis of constipation.

Bael Fruit: How to treat constipation ayurvedically

bael fruit in constipation

Bale is sometimes described as an effective home remedy for the constipation remedy. It also contains natural fibers or fibers that clean the large intestine from the inside. Apart from this, it contains food chemicals that also make the entire digestive system healthy and strong.


If you has good appetite and your digestive system is strong but still the problem of constipation remains due to some reason. In this situation includes some lentils in your diet. In pulses and lentils, there is a good amount of fiber inside. Due to this it makes easy to pass stool.


Sometimes a basic reason for this problem is also the lack of water in the body properly. This creates lack of lubrication in the organs associated with the digestive system and difficulty in passing stool. That is why efforts should be made to increase the amount of water intake.

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