Lifestyle related Causes of Gout Disease

7 Lifestyle related Causes of Gout Disease

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Lifestyle related causes of gout disease

Gout is a disease in where pain feels in the joints of the hands and feet or any joint of the body. This pain gets worse after eating certain types of foods and lifestyles. Let’s know what the reasons related to our lifestyle which give rise to and increase the disease of arthritis according to Ayurveda. Gout (elevated uric acid levels) is the new normal these days. I see people popping pills for it every single day (just as for blood pressure & diabetes). If you or somebody in your family have this problem, then let me tell you the main reasons behind the gout problem.

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1. Low metabolism (poor gut health): Lifestyle related causes of gout disease

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When the metabolism in your body is low. That means the body is not able to use the food coming in the body with the right capacity and it is not able to use it in properly. Then it is called low metabolism. This is a favorable conditions in the body for the birth of arthritis.

2. Sedentary life (lack of physcal activity): Lifestyle related causes of gout disease

When you do not do proper physical exertion or activities for the health of the body and lead a laziness life. Then in the body, an excess of toxic elements starts. And diseases like arthritis begins.

3. Consumption of more proteins & less fat: Lifestyle related causes of gout disease

excess protein

Excess protein is harmful for the body in every way. Protein gives extra hard work on the body organs to digest the protein. At the same time, it makes the body healthy, but in the excess amount, it absorbs water from the body, due to which diseases like arthritis keep increasing.

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4. Heavy dinners: Lifestyle related causes of gout disease


According to Ayurveda, everyone should have their food by 8:00 pm. But when you eat dinner after and just before sleeping, it can cause the birth of many types of diseases in the body. Because the body is not able to save or absorb food properly during night. This increase toxic elements in the body. All these things increase joint pain in the body. Try to eat before 8:00 pm

5. No regularlity in your sleeping & eating time


When your sleeping and eating time is not fixed then your body’s natural cycle is disturbed. And to keep the body healthy, a certain schedule is necessary.

6. Less intake of water: Lifestyle related causes of gout disease

Even by drinking less water in the body, toxic elements and waste do not come out. Due to this gradually the body becomes unhealthy and can cause arthritis.

7. Kidney dysfunction: Lifestyle related causes of gout disease


If you have any kidney problems, you may have a problem of uric acid. uric acid plays a very key role in Gout disease.

8. (bonus) Eating excessive non-veg

Even if there is more non-vegetarian food in the diet, then you should be careful. Because the body has to work harder to digest meat or somewhere the digestion process becomes unhealthy many times because of regular non-veg. It could also affect your uric acid function and bring on the problem of gout.

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