7 ghee health benefits According To Ayurveda: Why Ghee Is A Tonic And Detoxifier

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  Eating ghee health benefits has very special importance in Ayurveda.  Works like medicine and is counted in the oldest sattvic diet, which is said to be the remover of all doshas.  It is use for eating and also for body massaging (ghee body massage). It not only removes doshas but also has the ability to kill almost all types of toxins found in the body.  In Ayurveda, it has known to pacify Vata -Pitta and balance Kapha.  Charak Samhita says benefits of eating Ghee includes – increases memory, intelligence, energy, strength, and energy. Later on, there was a period when an attempt has been made to defame Ghee by saying that it increases fat.  But the truth is that it maintains the amount of good fat in the body such that the body remains strong.


Fast Digesting Good Fat

 Ghee has small fatty acid chains that makes it to easy in digestion.  Although till now it has been understood that eating Ghee is heavy to digest and It causes many diseases and brings obesity but it is not like that at all. ghee health benefits includes ability of good fat in body and make any food to good in digestion if it is taken with the food.

Does not make Cholesterol but Lowers it

ghee benefits

 In Ayurveda, ghee health benefits has always been considered good for the liver and blood.  Recent scientific research also proves that eating ghee reduces cholesterol present in the blood and intestines.  That’s because it curses itself with the butyric acid , which makes it easier to digest.

 Balances all the Doshas of the Body

 In Ayurveda, ghee health benefits have the ability to balance the three doshas of the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  By doing this, they provide immunity and condition to keep the body healthy for a long time.  For this reason it can be eaten in all seasons.  The special thing is thateating Ghee provides coolness to the body in summer and also warmness in winter.

Removes Weakness

 In Ayurveda, it is said to increase strength and energy.  The nutrients presents in the benefita of eating Ghee are strengthening the body, removes weakness, balances the hormones, maintains the right amount of fat in the body.  These are all essential elements for a healthy body and eliminate the weakness.

 Essential for Heart Health

 Regular eating ghee reduces the cholesterol present in the blood, removes the toxic substances from the blood, works on the excess gas in the body, accelerates the process of digestion.  When all these things are right then the heart itself functions properly. Hence ghee health benefits eliminates the causes of heart diseases.

 Makes Bones Strong

 ghee health benefits also increase bones density . A good amount of vitamin K2 is found in ghee and K2 works to transport calcium to the bones.  In this way, the amount of a regular Ghee makes the bones strong and does not allow the lack of calcium in them.  In this way we can know why the people of old times considered eating laddus made from Ghee as essential for every year of life.

Hydrates the Body

 The lubrication, fat and healthy fatty acids found in Ghee provide hydration to the body or we can say, provides moisture to the body. So that the lack of water or dryness in the body ends.  For this reason, the amount of Ghee is consumed more in winters.  Because in winter the moisture of the body starts decreasing.  In Ayurveda, the ghee health benefits are considered more important in winters than summers.

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