Why Heartburn Problem in Pregnancy

Why Heartburn Problem in Pregnancy

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why heartburn problem in pregnancy
Heartburn is a very common problem in pregnancy. Which bothers a lot in the first trimester. Usually, this problem increases a bit after the first 3 months. But for anyone, it could last for all 9 months. Let’s know why this heartburn problem occurs in pregnancy. Only then will you be able to understand it properly, and it will be easier to reduce heartburn problem.

Changes of hormones: why heartburn problem in pregnancy

Hormone imbalance and weight gain

When pregnancy starts, certain hormones are made more by the body to make the pregnancy healthy. But because the body is used to tolerating hormones at a normal level, therefore the body of a pregnant woman starts triggering. Because of that heartburn also increase. These hormones are proven to affect the normal function of organs and glands related to the digestive system, which is also another cause.

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Growth of the womb: why heartburn problem in pregnancy

Foods to lower heartburn problem in pregnancy

Because of the size of the fetus, the uterus also increases its size. And gradually it starts pushing up the large intestine, small intestine and other organs related to digestion. Due to which acid reflux reaches the upside very easily and starts the feeling of burning in the chest.

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Disruption of the digestive system: why heartburn problem in pregnancy


Gradually increasing womb, the digestive organs are pushed on, that is why when the food is eaten by the woman, that food does not fall easily like normal condition and takes time to read There are. Acid reflux is more and the problem of heartburn increases.

Not eating the right food: why heartburn problem in pregnancy

What you are eating during pregnancy requires a lot of attention. Because already a pregnant woman’s entire digestive system is shaken. And if she do not eat right food or eats wrong type of food like too much oily food, too much heavy food then this problem gets aggravated. Therefore it becomes necessary to eat very carefully only the right type of food which is very good for their health should be eaten.

Mental and Physical Pressure on the Body: why heartburn problem in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage in which the workload on the body increases. And the chaotic change in the body caused by this puts stress on the brain as well. This extra pressure is lying on the mental and physical situation, not only disrupts the normal activity of the stomach but also generates heat very quickly. Due to this more acid is formed and acid reflux happens more. Therefore, it is advisable that the pregnant woman should try to remain calm-peaceful as much as possible so that the physical problems being faced by her can be reduced in a natural way.

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