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Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

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Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

Nose blocking is a common problem in colds. But it is also can come with the sinus problem. It can also be said that for who have a blocked nose in a cold, most of those people also have sinus problems. It is a very disturbing and irritating problem in which a person gets very upset. The main reason for this is inflammation in the tissue surrounding the nose due to viruses and bacteria responsible for that. So here we are going to tell some such Ayurveda remedies that can help you to open your blocked nose.

Amla: Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

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Consuming Amla can be of great help in opening your nose as Amla is full of Vitamin C. Besides, it has properties that balance all the three doshas. Try to eat two Amla in a day.

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Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

Warm Lemon Water : Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

If you have a headache along with a cold, and you are also experiencing mild sinus problem. Then a glass of warm lemon water can show a very beneficial effect in it. Lemon contains vitamin C and vitamin C is very beneficial for cold and sinus. You can take one glass twice a day.

Steam: Remedies for Nose Block in Ayurveda

Even hot water can help to open your nose by reducing the swelling in your nasal glands. But it should be taken with caution. Otherwise, it can burn your skin.

Massage of Pressure Points


Massage of the Pressure Points around the nose, proves to be very useful in opening the nose. For this you need only 3 minutes of massage by lightly pressing the respective pressure points. You can do this 5 to 6 times a day. And due to this the swelling will reduce.


Radish is very beneficial for cold. When you eat the radish twice in a day, the sneezes and running nose started to stop. There are anti-bacterial anti-viral properties inside the radish, due to which it works as a very good medicine in cold.

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