When Flaxseeds Are Bad to Eat?

When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?

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When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?

Flax seed has become the go-to for today’s modern social media wellness and nutrition course. But it also has its own Ayurvedic capabilities and limitations that need to be followed for it for positive health results. it is necessary to know for which type of people it is healthy and for what kind of people it can be harmful. Let’s see when You Can Eat Flaxseed..

Underweight: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?


Flax seeds has the ability to reduce Vata dosha in the body. And according to Ayurveda, a person who is very thin or lean, has an excess of Vata dosha in his body. At the same time, the Flaxseeds increase, Pitta and Kapha dosha ! Kapha dosha brings extra weight to the body. In this way flaxseed increases body weight from Ayurvedic point of view.

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lack of nutrition: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?


If your body lacks nutrition then you can eat flax seed for a fixed time in a certain amount. But it should not be used regularly for a long time. It is a medicine and it should be used in the manner of medicine.

Pain and weakness in bones and joints: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?

Strengthens Bones

Excess of Vata dosha in the body causes pain and weakness in bones and joints. As we have already mentioned that flaxseed reduces vata dosha in the body. Apart from this, its nature is also hot. And it helps in reducing pain and weakness in both any bone and joint.

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Dehydration: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?

After soaking the flaxseed, a sticky substance that comes out in it fulfills the amount of hydration in the body. That is why if winter days are going on and due to winter dehydration or dryness has arisen in the body. So the consumption of flaxseed can be extremely useful.

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If Not Trying To Conceive: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?

Reality Of Turmeric Can Stop Pregnancy

According to Ayurveda, the nature of flaxseed is very hot, it increases the heat in the body. And any hot thing can reduce your ability to conceive, if you eat it, then your chances of miscarriage could increase.

In Wintertime: When Flaxseeds Are Good to Eat?


Flaxseed stores heat in the body, it reduces dryness, and increases pitta. All these properties make it suitable in winter according to the winter season.: Consuming it in winter will keep your body warm and avoid cold.

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