11 Vata imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda

11 Vata imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda you must know

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Vata Dosha


Under Vata imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda, there is an excess of air and sky elements. That is why the Vata dosha is a signifier, conductor, imaginative, light, and full of playfulness. The presence of air is associated with movement, cleanliness in the body and the ability to move the body’s metals. The work in their body is done at speed, so the human body structure is very thin. There is no excess of fat in Vata body.

Mental Un-Comfort: Vata imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda


1. Because there is an excess of air and sky elements in Vata dosha. Which are related to movement and imagination, so when they are in excess, only excessive thoughts and imagination come in the mind. Which becomes difficult to control. And the mind is troubled by overthinking.

2. Because air makes you more fickle, the brain makes you more alert. Because of excess Vata dosha, mind does not able to concentrate on one place at any one time and remain restless. Alertness and restlessness are thus its other symptoms.

3. Due to the increase in restlessness, there is an excess of Vata dosha, he is unable to concentrate nor concentrate at any one place, due to which person changes the decision from time to time or unable to take a decision due to confusion.

4. Because of the increased Vata dosha, person starts speaking more. In this effort, he starts to unable speak clear language and sometimes stammer in between.

Physical symptoms: Vata imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda

5. Weight Loss

Although a person of Vata dosha nature already has a thin body, but when the Vata dosha becomes unbalanced in his body, his weight starts decreasing even more and he starts becoming leaner and thinner.

6. Eyes get sunken in skul

When Vata dosha is affected, there is a feeling of dryness in the eyes. The eyes begin to weaken and sinks in skul.

7. Dry and chapped lips

Due to Excess of Vata dosha , the humidity of the lips also goes away and the lips start cracking and drying.

8. Dry and dull skin

Gradually, the moisture, humidity and moisture of the skin starts to go away, due to which the skin starts looking lifeless, colorless and dry.

9. Digestive Disorders

Due to the excess of Vata, the formation of Vata also increases in the digestive system. Due to which more gas is formed.

10. wrinkling of cheeks

The humidity and moisture in the body dry out in increased Vata Body. The body muscles become weak and wrinkles start appearing.

11. dry mouth

The increased Vata spoils the digestive system, brings dryness in the body. Therefore, it affects the process of making saliva in the mouth, due to which the mouth feels dry.

12. Body Pain

With the increase of Vata pain starts arising in the muscles and bones of the body. This problem arises because Vata weakens the muscles and bones of the body.

13. Inflammation in the body

Vata dosha is attributed to inflammation as well as pain in the body. It is also responsible for swelling of knees, feet and sometimes brain.

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