Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

7 Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

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Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Not Drinking water according to the season: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

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Always determine the temperature of the water according to the season, if it is summer then drink cold water. If the weather is normal then drink at room temperature only. If the winter season is going on, then drink lukewarm water. This temperature rule of drinking water has the ability to protect you from every disease caused by the weather, if you do not follow these rules, then the risk of getting heat waves in summer and cold in winter increases.

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Standing and drinking water: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Always sit and drink water

It is said in Ayurveda that if you drink water while standing, then your bones become weak, especially it affects the joints of your bones. Because when you drink water standing the possibility of growth of Vata dosha increases. That is why you should always drink water while sitting.

Drinking Water in a Rush: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Drink Water Half an hour before eating

Water should never be drunk at a very high speed, it should always be consumed slowly. It is also said in Ayurveda that chew the water and drink it. This means that the water should be slowly rotated and drunk.

Drinking more than half a glass of water during Meal: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

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Quite often it is said that water should not be drunk at all in between meals. This is not right at all because when you eat food, it is necessary to swollen that food. But many times food stucks in food pipe and in such a way, it can be cleaned by only drinking water. if your food gets stuck in the food pipe and you do not drink water, then it can be fatal for you. Just try that you do not drink too much water at during eating food.

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If you are not Drinking Water empty stomach in the morning: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Ayurveda rules For Drinking Water

Drinking water every morning on an empty stomach in the morning is very important to maintain your health. This Regulates your hormones, controls blood pressure, protects you from heart diseases, and lowers high cholesterol. There are many benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning. If summer is going on then you should drink water at room temperature and if winter is there is given then water should be lukewarm.

Fatty dry fruits and cold water: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Eating dry fruits soaked in water

If you have eaten any fatty dry fruit (dry coconut, almonds, peanuts etc) and immediately after that you are drinking water ,especially cold water. Then water could stick that fat to the throat and in the food pipeline, and become the reason for cough and allergies.

Drinking water in a plastic bottle: Wrong and Harmful Ways to Drink Water

Always avoid drinking water in a plastic bottle. Because by keeping water in a plastic bottle, the plastic microparticles in that water enter your body through water. Which is very dangerous for your health. You should know that these plastic microparticles are most responsible for cancer.

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