Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda

Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda you must know

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Dosha Balance in the Body: Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda


According to Ayurveda, the presence of all three doshas is found in the body of every human being. All these three doshas are not found equally, but if there is an excess of Vata dosha in one’s body, then there is an excess of pitta dosha in one’s body, it is an excess Kapha dosha. On the basis of this, the nature of bodies is divided into Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their excess at a normal level does not give rise to diseases in the body but creates a special dosha nature of the body. But when all these three doshas become abnormally imbalanced then the body starts moving towards diseases. The imbalance of Vata causes 80 diseases, the imbalance of Pitta causes 40 and the imbalance of Kapha causes 20 types of diseases.

Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda and disease


The main elements that create Kapha dosha are earth and water. The earth represents the matters in the body. This means that in this type of body there will be an excess of like muscles, water, fat etc. Due to this type of body is heavy in weight. Whereas water indicates the excess of fluids in the body.

Mental un-comfort: Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda


There is always a feeling of lethargy, feeling of heaviness in the head, headache and desire to sleep in increased Kapha dosha person .

Physical problems: Kapha imbalance symptoms in Ayurveda

1 loss of appetite – In increased Kapha body the high-level presence of Kapha, water, and earth elements slow down the stomach “agni’. As the resulting appetite of the person slowdown.
2 excessive salivation- The high-level presence of Kapha and water in the body increases the production of saliva in the body.
3 phlegm discharge from different parts of the body: The phlegm discharge from nose, mouth, in stool, or white vaginal discharge in women.
4 sleepiness- Kapha body person loves to sleep all time.
5 swelling in the body– because of the excess amount of water in the body swelling appears on different body parts.
6 Excessive weight gain- The metabolism activeness slow down, agni low down, increased laziness increases the body gaining.
7 hair sticky- skin produces more oil and stickiness as the result hair scalp and hair become sticky and weak.
8 oily skin- skin produce more oil and stickiness
9 coughing- cough-related diseases increased in excess Kapha dosha body.

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